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Loki in Brawlhalla: Guide

Loki in Brawlhalla: Guide

8 min

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Pic Source: Brawlhalla
Those Side Sigs are terrifying!

Loki joined Brawlhalla around two months ago (at the moment of writing this article). The dust has settled, and we are ready to dig deep into the abilities of this character on the fighting platforms.

One thing was quite apparent right after the release, and it has not changed since then. Loki feels super powerful (almost broken), especially with his Signature tools.

Both Side Sigs have big hitboxes and amazing coverage, vertically and horizontally. These attacks are quick and can be used in some strings.

Loki is a power at all skill levels. Due to the qualities of his Signatures, spamming them by beginners feels… okay. This doubtful technique brings results. Intermediate players may benefit substantially from using Loki, as Sigs can be nicely weaved into his neutral game.

Let’s figure out how to play Loki in Brawlhalla step by step.

Loki’s Stance 

Just one look at his stats is enough to understand what we need to improve. Strength is the lowest one for Loki, and it's normal to decrease Dexterity to have more attacking might.

Strength is the best Stance for Brawlhalla Loki.

Loki’s Light Attacks | Katars

This weapon is quick and good for combos. The lack of range is compensated by character movements.

Like with other Brawlhalla weapons, Katars Light combos are universal across the characters.

Brawlhalla Katars Combos

  • nLight; dLight
  • sLight; dLight
  • sLight; nLight
  • dAir; dLight
  • e sAir; dLight
  • e sAir; nLight
  • GP; GC; dLight
  • Rec; GC; dLight

Loki’s Light Attacks | Scythe

Scythe is more complicated than Katars, as this weapon has active input for Light Attacks. If you hold a directional button, the move will have slightly different effects (like with Battle Boots).

Active input for Scythe:

  • Side Light — Hold the side button to swing Scythe for the second time. This version causes knockback. For combos, it’s better to use the standard input, with tapping the direction button. It’s a quick kick that slightly launches an opponent, making them ready for a follow-up.
  • Down Light — The directional hold depends on where your character is facing. The Scythe will swing for the second time, causing a knockback.
  • Neutral Air — Hold the button in the opposite direction your character is facing. It will cause taking an opponent to the other side and kicking them forward.
  • Side Air — Like with nAir, hold the opposite direction. The effect is also similar but without the forward kick.

For combos with Scythe, you should know and practice this feature. No-hold moves are better for landing follow-ups.

Brawlhalla Scythe Combos

  • nAir; sAir
  • sAir; sLight
  • Rec; nAir
  • Rec; sLight

Loki’s Signatures | Katars

With this weapon, Loki has some really good Signature options.

Side Sig is one of the best offensive tools. The hitboxes allow Loki to catch distant opponents, having both horizontal and vertical coverage. Moreover, the attacks still land if Loki gets very close to his victim — he moves a bit forward, and there is a hitbox behind him. Such active range makes Side Sig ridiculously effective.

There is a possible string to try to land Side Sig safely — after Side Light.

Neutral Sig covers an important zone, directly above Loki, which is great, as Katars don’t have direct upward options among Light attacks. Not only are the hitboxes big, but they also appear right after Katars make it through those portals. Loki can hit opponents on the main platform while they try to edge-guard him (it works even through the wall). The height of this Neutral Sig allows players to attack opponents on the most soft platforms.

Down Sig is a zoning tool that can be used for edge guarding. Use it to try and catch your opponent when they return to the platform — but it’s easy to see this action and to avoid it. That’s why consider Down Sig as rather a trap and be ready to use your other options right after it. An opponent tries to not get hit, and you catch them (with potentially fewer air tools left on their side).

A possible string after Katars Down String for Loki is Down Air. but that may not work in a fast-paced fight.

Loki’s Down Signature with Katars has active input. Hold Down, and the snake will hit the opponent downwards (not upwards). With this input, Down Sig becomes threatening in the air, when an opponent tries to make it to the platform (use it with Gravity Cancel).

Loki’s Signatures | Scythe

This Signature kit is in a way more broken than one with Katars.

Side Sig is again the most powerful attack — thanks to its speed and huge hitboxes. The vertical coverage is simply unfair, as it’s really hard for an opponent to avoid a hit. The horizontal reach may help Loki catch opponents while they return to the platform, as there is an illusion of safety, being far away from him. Using it after Dash makes the attack incredibly fast, and even a jump can’t save the victim.

Lokis’ Side Sig with Scythe is especially dangerous due to possible strings out of Side Light and Down Air.

Neutral Sig uses weapon teleport too. Guess what? It also works through the walls! Edge-guarding Loki is pretty risky. The hitboxes are as big as with Katars, but the coverage comes a bit sideward, which is important to know while choosing positioning.

Down Sig hits vertically and then creates a horizontal energy wave on the platform. It has active input, so you can hold Down to move through a soft platform or only tap the direction to land on it and create the wave there. With Gravity Cancel, it’s a cool edge-guarding and spiking tool in the air but with good timing and positioning. Down Sig is pretty good for edge-guarding on the platform too, as it’s another zoning option.

A possible string with Loki’s Scythe Down Sig is Down Light -> Dash -> DSig.

Gameplan with Loki

It’s really okay to use Loki’s Signatures a lot in Brawlhalla fights thanks to their advantage of big offensive coverage. But spamming even with Loki is bad — it’s better to practice Sig strings and use them a lot.

Activating Loki’s Signatures in neutral requires less timing preciseness than with other characters. Probably, only Tezca may compete in this field.

A confident focus on Side Sigs in offense, baits and zoning with Down Sigs, and catching opponents with big hitboxes of Neutral Sigs is a good basis for gameplan with Loki in Brawlhalla.

How to Fight Against Loki

You absolutely have to be aware of the attack coverage while playing vs Loki. If jumps and dashes are safe with other opponents, they may not work properly with this guy.

It’s a good idea to keep a reasonable distance to not get caught with Side or Neutral Sigs and be ready to dash forward to punish their whiffs.

The very combination of Katars and Scythe is pretty strong in Brawlhalla, but Loki takes this formula above and beyond with his Signatures. It’s fun to play him, and it might be overwhelming to face him.

Loki feels somewhat broken, but if you avoid overusing his Sigs, you may find a good balance with this character and get well-deserved victories even against strong and experienced opponents.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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