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Battle Boots in Brawlhalla: Beginner-Friendly and Destructive

Battle Boots in Brawlhalla: Beginner-Friendly and Destructive

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It is pretty important to have a proper approach to this weapon for not ruining your progress in the game

Some time ago, Battle Boots were introduced in Brawlhalla alongside a new Legend, Tezca. For some period of time, many professionals experimented with this weapon and this character at esports events, reaching pretty high positions. But then, the developers from Blue Mammoth Games brought the power of nerfing to the scene — as Tezca was considered rather broken. 

The Mexican wrestler is much better balanced now. Two other Brawlhalla Legends got Battle Boots as their weapon (at the moment of writing this article). Isn’t it time to highlight them properly on DashFight? Let’s dive into the topic with this Brawlhalla Battle Boots guide and general review — for beginners to the game, experienced players, and ambitious esports competitors.

How to Play Battle Boots in Brawlhalla. Beginners Guide

The first thing you would notice with this weapon is how suitable it is for spamming light attacks. Like, really — you catch your opponent with Side Light on one end of the platform, kick them to the other end, and then continue following even in the air. Quite often, only the danger of not returning to safety makes Battle Boots players stop this process.

it gives you the feeling of power. You get motivated to play Battle Boots Legends more. And you just continue spamming those Light / Air buttons

On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with this. It’s just a way to play with this weapon. But on the other hand, Battle Boots bring some results without even bringing combos and strings into your attacking habits, clever positioning of your character, and quick movement tricks. There is no real need to be very skilled to start those kicking series. Because of that, beginners may limit their potential in Brawlhalla and not truly experience the joy this game has to offer.

Plus — this spamming simplicity is absolutely illusionary. You move a bit above the low Brawlhalla ranks, and eventually meet people who know how to deal with this strategy. It is basically too straightforward for the platformer fighter.

It doesn’t mean you should avoid the advantages of Battle Boots. Their dangerous trap is only based on players’ … laziness. Practice various movements, experiment with proper attack linking, bring action to the air, and look for bigger damage with Sigs — Battle Boots certainly are beginner-friendly, but with some effort, you will not get stuck on that level.

Sure, Battle Boots are not overpowered (in general). The weapon has some weaknesses.

  • Recovery on Boots is not the best in the game, and you should know this for your safe returns to the platform.
  • Battle Boots damage is rather on the low side, which may slightly compensate for their easy strings and combos feature.

Active Input for Battle Boots

The basic directional attacks with Battle Boots slightly change if you hold the directional button (hold it on hit). This feature is called Active Input, and it affects:

  • Side Light — the third kick activates a slight jump, making your Battle Boots Legend airborne (instead of being grounded without holding);
  • Down Light — there will be a jumping downward kick after the sweep, so your Battle Boots Legend finishes the attack on the ground (without holding, there is a side kick that results with an airborne state);
  • Side Air — the third kick is a spinning one with some movement forward (it’s stronger without the hold, pushing the opponent farther but not moving your Battle Boots Legend);
  • Down Air — with the second kick, your Battle Boots Legend continues moving diagonally and goes through the opponent (instead of jumping off them).

It is a very good idea to get some practical experience with the described attacks. See the difference between the same move with holding the button on hit or releasing it.

This aspect of fighting with Battle Boots is important for Brawlhalla Combos, so take the knowledge about Active Input into your lab and try to coin something interesting and destructive for your fights.

Battle Boots Combos and Strings

Battle Boots give a lot of creativity for combo and string play. Like with other Brawlhalla Weapons, it is better to take the basic ideas to your training lab and experiment with what can be connected with this weapon.

In general, Down Light is a versatile combo starter, both versions. Side Light starts some destructive strings. Neutral Air may lead to KO thanks to its connection to Recovery, and with some movement skills, NAir is a good juggling tool.

In the following list, we’ve mixed strings and true combos. May this motivate more research and experiments from the players’ side?

  • Down Light [hold] -> Side Light
  • Down Light [hold] -> Neutral Light
  • Down Light -> Neutral Air
  • Down Light -> Side Air
  • Down Light -> Recovery
  • Down Light -> Chase Dodge -> Down Air
  • Down Light -> Recovery 
  • Down Light -> Gravity Cancel -> Neutral Light
  • Down Light -> Gravity Cancel -> Side Light
  • Down Light -> Ground Pound
  • Side Light [hold] -> [if the opponent is sent out of the platform] Chase Dodge -> Side Air
  • Side Light [hold] -> [if the opponent is sent out of the platform] Chase Dodge -> Down Air
  • Side Light [hold] -> [if the opponent is sent out of the platform] Ground Pound
  • Side Light -> Neutral Light
  • Side Light -> Side Light
  • Neutral Air -> Side Air
  • Neutral Air -> Recovery
  • Side Air [hold] -> Neutral Light
  • (close to the platform) Side Air [hold] -> Chase Dode -> Side Light

Step Beyond Spamming Side Light

Spamming an attack is always a bad habit in a fighting game. And if that works on the beginner level, it’s even more dangerous — as players don’t feel like they need to do something else.

If you just mash the button with Battle Boots, your opponent has a chance to dodge at one point or another). And the experienced players will do that, so the spamming thing will not work on them.

But the weapon gives something for this scenario too. You need to not spam the next attack mindlessly but wait for a few seconds and then react to the dodge with NAir. This works if the opponent dodges in the back direction. It doesn’t work if they try to escape forward — and then Down Light or Side Light may not be a bad idea. Experiment with delaying an attack to feel what you could do in such situations. 

It is truly hard to avoid that flow of hits from a Battle Boots Legend. And in skilled hands, the weapon becomes annoyingly dangerous. Are your hands skilled enough?

Battle Boots Legends

As for the moment of writing this article, Brawlhalla has three Battle Boots Legends.

  • Tezca — Battle Boots + Gauntlets 
  • Thea — Battle Boots + Rocket Lance
  • Red Raptor — Battle Boots + Magic Orb

Battle Boots in Brawlhalla esports

General usage of Battle Boots Legends has significantly decreased after the weapon (and Tezca) got some nerfs. But still, it’s a pretty viable choice in high ranks too. Some top-level competitors reach Top 8 parts and win esports tournaments with Battle Boots. If you plan to get to the same level, why not analyze their experience? For example:

  • Wess won Sábrawldo #74 with Tezca, and he used this character + Red Raptor during the Summer Championship 2023. Also, Wess played Thea at DreamHack Valencia;
  • Sgrape played Tezca and Thea at the Summer Championship 2023;
  • Raydish mained Red Raptor at the Summer Championship 2023;
  • Sandstorm experimented with Tezca at Dreamhack Valencia. In general, this player enjoyed Battle Boots a lot after their release, but probably the nerfs made Sandstorm reconsider. The impact of nerfs was seen at the Losers Final at Summer Royale, when Sandstorm took to play Red Raptor but lost two games with this character.
  • Boomie played Thea at DreamHack Dallas.

Ok, let’s not go too much into the past, as the balance updates significantly change how the game is played. And we sure can’t look into the future — but perhaps, if Battle Boots Legends prove themselves to be super powerful at big Brawlhalla esports events, we'll add this info to the article.

Battle Boots feel pretty unique in Brawlhalla matches — as this actually should be for the only (so far) weapon to hold not in hands.

Up to a specific level of experience, fighting against a Battle Boots player might feel even unfair, as they often abuse the weapon’s advantages. It’s better to take it as a chance for you to grow as a fighting competitor. 

And if you play Tezca, Thea, Red Raptor, or potential new BB characters, just be aware of the trap. Look for ways to play the weapon “properly,” without spamming. Learn combos and strings, understand positioning for sigs, and improve your movement patterns. Our Brawlhalla Beginners Guide may also help you.

Do you like Battle Boots? What do you feel about fighting vs a Battle Boots Legend? Please share your opinion in the comments below. And have good matches!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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