Brawlhalla Ranks Guide

Brawlhalla Ranks Guide

Steph Roehler
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Never let competitive Elo confuse you again and learn to level up along the way.

Since its release in 2014, Brawlhalla has grown in popularity, becoming a real competitor in the fighting game scene. While the art design is fun and spunky, the actual fighting itself is a hardcore brawl, and anyone who plays competitive Brawlhalla knows that. 

Now, if you want to get into the competitive scene yourself but feel a little intimidated, let’s give you the rundown of how the Brawlhalla ranking system works

Brawlhalla Elo Ranks

Like many competitive games, Brawlhalla has a very defined ranking system. The rankings are based on the Elo rating system, a metric of measuring someone’s likelihood to win at certain levels of play. The more someone wins, the higher their Brawlhalla Elo gets.

To join the fun of Elo rating, head to the "Ranked" section. If you enjoy the casual matches (behind the "Play" button), you gain only experience, no Elo points. We have a dedicated section about game modes in our Brawlhalla Beginners Guide; please, check it out.

Ranks By The Numbers 

When players are competing against one another in the Ranked matches of Brawlhalla, they can earn different ranks for how well they’re playing. Over time someone who’s winning often can end up in Platinum or even Diamond tier, while someone who keeps losing might just find themselves in Silver or Tin

The general idea of Brawlhalla rankings is pretty much similar to those in other games — for example, to rankings in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

To start your Elo journey, you need to play 10 placement matches, and their results will determine your rank. Further results depend on your performance.

Here are Brawlhalla’s ranks based on Elo:

Brawlhalla Ranks

Valhallan Diamond players who won 100 matches or more and are in top of their region
Diamond 2000+ Elo
Platinum 1622-1999 Elo
Gold 1338-1679 Elo
Silver 1086-1389 Elo
Bronze 872-1129 Elo
Tin 200-909 Elo

Why Is There Overlap? 

There is something curious to note about Brawlhalla’s ranking system. After all, each bottom level of one tier overlaps with the top of the tier below it. This is because the system is made to have a grace period for players. If someone falls below rank, they are given time to regain some Elo before being dropped down a tier. For example, someone at Gold 5 has the entirety of 1338-1389 to figure out what they’re doing wrong before ending up in Silver 1. This can be hard to track sometimes, but it gives you a little more wiggle room when struggling through some tough matches. For example, you might need to consider using other Brawlhalla weapons — something that is better for your fighting style.

How Much Do You Win?

You get two different things when you win a match: Elo and Glory, Brawlhalla’s own personal in-game currency. 

  • Brawlhalla Glory is simple. Each time you win, you earn 20 Glory. The Brawlhalla Glory system rewards people for playing ranked because the coins can be used to buy different cosmetics. However, once you get 150 wins (equivalent to 3,000 Glory), the amount you get with each win will decrease. 
  • Elo can be a little harder to track because it entirely depends on the people you play against. So, say you fight and defeat someone at Bronze 3 and you’re Bronze 2, you’ll get less Elo than if you beat a Bronze 1. However, in general, when you win you gain Elo, and when you lose, you also lose Elo, too.

Notice, there are different types of in-game currency.  Glory is used to purchase unique items of the current Ranked Season. Gold is used for some general purchases in Mallhalla, Also, you need Gold to unlock Brawlhalla Legends.

Brawlhalla Seasons 

If you want to rank up in Brawlhalla, you should know that their competitive season lasts roughly 10-14 weeks. At the start of a new season, all the players get Soft Elo Reset. 

Soft Elo Reset for 1v1 Ranked matches:

  • no changes for players with 1,400 Elo or less
  • players with 1,400 Elo or more get their new rank with this formula — 1400 + (Old Elo – 1400) / (3 – (3000 – Old Elo) / 800)

Soft Elo Reset for 1v1 Ranked matches:

  • for players with 2,000 Elo or less — (Elo + 375) / 1.5
  • players with 2,000 or more — the developers promiss to "aggressively brought you back down" to reset top tiers

How To Rank Up Faster?

One of the best ways to rank up and improve is by watching the streams of great Brawlhalla players and reading Brawlhalla guides. You should also start keeping track of the top playable characters with each game patch. For example, a fair amount of the community currently sees the fastest champion, Val, as the best, but that could change in an upcoming patch. 

However, the best thing you can ever do to improve as a player is practice. Though it seems like the annoying, simple answer, it’s the truth. Getting yourself a practice partner or playing ranked poorly at first will make you a better player. Don’t just practice by mashing buttons, though. You should be deliberate and take things slowly at first if you need to. Losing a game where you landed a couple of greatly executed Brawlhalla Combos is more productive than winning a game where you smashed your controller buttons wildly all the way to victory. 

And then, hopefully, with time, practice, and knowledge, you can level up.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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