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How to Unlock All Characters in Brawlhalla

How to Unlock All Characters in Brawlhalla

Steph Roehler
3 min

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From Val to Rayman, find out how to earn every Legend in the game, whether using Gold coins or packs.

One of the most exciting parts of any fighting game is the playable characters they offer, and Blue Mammoth Games’ Brawlhalla is no exception. Over the past seven years, Brawlhalla has released 54 “Legends” for its players to enjoy. The game has everything from OG classics like Bodvar and Cassidy to exciting crossover characters like Rayman.

So, if you want to unlock all the characters Brawlhalla has to offer, there are a few ways to go about it.

What Are The Prices?

Like most all games, Brawlhalla has in-game currency, but it has multiple different forms for different purposes. Most people talk a lot about Glory because you get it from winning ranked games, but that currency is actually only used for cosmetics. Gold coins are what you should use to buy Legends

So, how much Gold does each Legend cost? 

7200 Gold Coins - 1 Legend Munin
5400 Gold Coins - 32 Legends Reno, Magyar, Mako, Jaeyun, Azoth, Koji, Ulgrim, Diana, Jhala, Wu Shang, Val, Ragnir, Cross, Nix, Mordex, Yumiko, Artemis, Caspian, Xull, Kaya, Isaiah, Jiro, Lin Fei, Zariel, Rayman, Dusk, Fait, Thor, Petra, Vector, Volkov, Onyx
3900 Gold Coins - 9 Legends Ada, Scarlet, Thatch, Teros, Asuri, Barraza, Kor, Mirage, Sidra
2300 Gold Coins - 9 Legends Cassidy, Lord Vraxx, Sentinel, Orion, Gnash, Hattori, Queen Nai, Lucien, Sir Roland
900 Gold Coins - 3 Legends  Bodvar, Brynn, Ember

In-Game Payment Options

Now that you have a handle on how much you need to purchase each Legend, the most important question is how to get that money. There are quite a few routes to go about earning yourself the in-game money you need, no real-life purchases necessary. 

  • The Tutorial: If you're just starting the game, you can do a little tutorial, and it will give you some Gold for completing it.
  • Daily Missions: If you complete a daily mission, you will get 250 Gold. For perspective, if you finish three daily missions, you can already purchase a 900 Gold Legend. However, it will take 24 days to unlock a fresh, 7200 Gold Legend.
  • Log-In Bonuses: You can earn 50+ gold a day from logging in. It can stack if you log in a few days in a row but will get reset if you miss a day.
  • Brawl of the Week Challenges: They're like Daily Missions, but less frequent and give more money. Complete them to boost your wallet.
  • Winning: Winning games in ranked or normal modes of Brawlhalla can earn you money, so play more, win more, and you can enjoy more Legends.

Hot Tip: If this all seems a little intimidating and you're scared of spending money on a Legend you don't like, you can always wait to try Legends out when they are in the free-to-play rotation and then decide to buy or not after that. It would be better to buy those Legends you plan to use as mains — to start practicing Brawlhalla Combos with them and get acquainted with their Signature attacks.


If you want to skip all the fuss of earning Gold, you can open up your wallet and buy Brawlhalla Packs from Steam or your platform store to unlock all the characters in the game. 

Legends Pack $19.99 All current and future Legends
Collector's Pack  $99.99 All current and future Legends, as well as 3500 Mammoth coins for cosmetics and other in-game additions 

Like with Street Fighter V Fight Money, the process of earning Gold in Brawlhalla is a decent way to learn the game. You will get acquainted with different Legends and find the best Brawlhalla weapons especially for you.

And then you will be ready to dig deeper into this fighting game. DashFight will be here to provide you with many helpful Brawlhalla guides. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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