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Brawlhalla Summer Royale: One Teros to Destroy Them All

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Brawlhalla Summer Royale: One Teros to Destroy Them All
When humbleness is one of your strengths

Making predictions for esports competitions is generally difficult — there are too many unknown factors. But imagining ourselves as experts and giving bigger chances to this or that guy is still quite exciting. The reality crashes that, though.

It was pretty natural to anticipate the final fight of Summer Royale being between Sandstorm and Godly. They are undoubtedly GOATs, and during the pre-show, both players ambitiously claimed the crown was as good as theirs. 

Other competitors used various strategies, from mild saltiness to humbleness. It kind of feels good that one of the most humble people (according to those interviews) eventually won.

No, it would be unfair to say that this outcome was too unpredictable. We all know how strong this guy is in his region. But defeating those Brawlhalla esports celebrities? It’s a feat worthy of a King!

Do you like this format of the Brawlhalla Invitationals? On the one hand, it’s pretty cool, as every participant plays with everyone else. But also, it is kind of hard to follow the sequence of events — many matches happen at the same time.

Two players finished Round Robin with five victories and two losses: Kyna and Godly. The European player lost to both South Americans, Kyna and Wess — 3:0 twice. And Kyna managed to defeat Godly and Sandstorm.

Also, Neeze and Sandstorm had the same set difference, 4 to 3. Neeze lost to Sandstorm, Godly, and Kyna. Sandstorm could not win matches against Kyna, Godly, and Experience.

Brawlhalla Summer Royale | Top 4

All three regions got their representatives in this part. It was EU vs SA in the Winners Side and EU vs NA in the Elimination bracket.

Kyna proved his amazing Brawlhalla strength from the very beginning. It was another 3:0 set for him against Godly.

In a very close match, Sandstorm defeated Neeze — and to be honest, both players had chances to win. Neeze got one game with Mordex and then one with Dusk. Sandstorm stuck to Mirage throughout this match (and most part of the tournament).

Only in the Elimination Finals vs Godly, Sandstorm decided to change his character — and took Red Raptor. Was that the right decision? Who knows… After two lost games, he switched back to Mirage and lost this game too.

The Grand Final made Godly switch between characters. Or rather Kyna did that with the power of his Teros (he only once took Asuri, in Round Robin). Tigress (Asuri), Rayman, and Diamondhead (Caspian) — all were defeated, and Kyna celebrated the victory.

Kyna is the Winner of Brawlhalla Summer Royale 2023. Congratulations!

This is quite an addition to his title of the Summer Champion in South America.

Brawlhalla Legends at Summer Royale

8. Sgrape

7. java

6. Wess

5. Experience

4. Neeze

3. Sandstorm

2. Godly

1. Kyna

Top Moments

Godly misses a jump.

Kyna to the GF.

Fight under the platform.

Sandstorm is down.

Kyna is the Summer King.

It is the second Brawlhalla King from South America — earlier, yüz won Spring Royale.

We at DashFight can’t wait to see the competition of the last Royale of this year, Autumn Invitational. The participants will be decided during the Autumn Championship on September 23-24 (1v1) and on September 30 - October 01 (2v2).

Will South American players be dominating at BCX 2023?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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