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Brawlhalla Spring Royale: Rocket Lance King

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Brawlhalla Spring Royale: Rocket Lance King
A shift in the regions

Invitational tournaments are pretty unique. Do you enjoy them?

It’s safe to say that the Spring Royale surprised the Brawlhalla community quite a lot. We are familiar with the format after the Winter Royale — it’s the Round Robin part, where everyone plays against everyone, and then Top 4 brackets. Unexpected results started from the very beginning.

Brawlhalla Spring Royale | Stream, Round Robin

Let’s start with positive surprises. yüz, the Spring Champion in South America, won every single match. That’s super impressive, knowing the level of his opponents.

How often do you see annihilation games in pro Brawlhalla esports? Godly did that a couple of times — he defeated Wesley and megD while still having three stocks.

Then, it’s worth mentioning something surprising from a different direction. luna, the North American Spring Champion and the Winter Royale Winner, couldn’t proceed to the Top 4. Moreover, no NA players left the Round Robin part. What do you think — could the presence of Impala change this situation?

Brawlhalla Spring Royale | Stream, Top 4

The Final brackets were an EU vs SA competition. On the upper side, yüz spectacularly defeated Godly.

In the Elimination Semi-Final against Wesley, Neeze performed a wonderful comeback. But then, he lost to Godly.

Brawlhalla Spring Royale | Stream, Grand Final

The fight here was super close, with both players having good chances for victory. Somehow, yüz was a little bit better, and Godly won only one game.

yüz is the Champion of Brawlhalla Spring Royale Invitational. Congratulations!

It’s pretty interesting that yüz played Vector this whole tournament (instead of Jaeyun from his Spring Championship success). Vector is one of the rarest Brawlhalla Legends at pro esports events.

Brawlhalla Legends at Top 4 of Spring Royale 

4. Wesley

3. Neeze

2. Godly

1. yüz

Top Moments

Godly annihilates Wesley

yüz wins a very close fight vs luna

yüz vs Godly — 3:0

Comeback by Neeze in the elimination Semi-Final

Neeze is out

yüz plays the Vector style

yüz wins

The tournament was great and everything. But we certainly miss Australian and Southeast Asian players at these events. Hopefully, the format will be reconsidered for the next season.

Thank goodness these regions have their online community tournaments. And we at DashFight are happy to highlight them. Please, check out our posts about SEA Showdown #5 and Bearded Brawls #2.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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