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Bearded Brawls #2: She is Unstoppable!

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Bearded Brawls #2: She is Unstoppable!
Pic Source: SlowMotion_BH on Twitch
This player absolutely dominates in the AU region

The Australian Brawlhalla scene is strong and dynamic — we regularly witness super tough matches, and the general competition is intense. Kylar Alice was considered a king of this region for quite a while. But right now, his throne is significantly shaken by the impressive successes of another player, the winner of many official and community events.

This (mysterious) player demonstrated amazing skills once again at the most recent tournament — Bearded Brawls #2. It’s one of the officially sponsored Brawlhalla series in March.

Another significant thing is that this tournament is the first one after the recent patch. The whole meta has been shaken, and it’s interesting to watch how pro players adapt to it.

Let’s enjoy the stream, check out the result, and take a look at the list of Legends in use.

Brawlhalla Esports | Bearded Brawls #2 | Stream, Top 8

It’s not difficult to guess who this powerful Queen of Australian Brawlhalla is. Asmodie won the Winter Championship 2023 and the seasonal tournaments in 2022 (Autumn and Summer).

At Bearded Brawls #2, Asmodie was absolutely unstoppable! She lost no game in the Top 8 part, while playing Munin in all the fights. 

Beware of Chair fell into the lower bracket after the Winners Final and had a very close match vs Doggo. The opponent had a 0:2 advantage, but then Beware of Chair performed a spectacular comeback (almost like luna during the recent Winter Royale).

Brawlhalla Esports | Bearded Brawls #2 | Stream, Grand Final

The Grand Final was another demonstration of Asmodie’s dominance. Beware of Chair had almost no chance of winning (again).

Asmodie is the winner of Bearded Brawls #2. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Legends at Bearded Brawls #2

7. Elsom

7. Zackdaboss


5. Vilgax

4. Vay

3. Doggo

2. Beware of Chair

1. Asmodie

It is Asmodie’s second successful tournament of this series for Bearded Brawl #1. We at DashFight look forward to seeing the player in other Brawlhalla esports events and sincerely hope for the presence of Australian players at big international events.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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