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Delivering people, gods, and entities to the afterlife isn't an easy task, which only Nix can handle.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 7

  • Dexterity: 5

  • Speed: 6

  • Strength: 4




Delivering people, gods, and entities to the afterlife isn't an easy task, which only Nix can handle. Not everyone wants to go to another world when there is enough unfinished business in this world. Even the Titan Heraklion couldn't escape the intractable and experienced Nix, who worked for Hermes, Orcus, Namtar, Osiris (by her words). She carefully brought him to the kingdom of Hades, and on the way back, she brought the Sphinx of Alexandria to the Anubis' gates.

In general, she can do any job, but it's not always comfortable, especially when she has to drag the screaming and resisting Hundred-legged Banshee of Donegal into the Realm of Arawn. Eternal gratitude and constant cooperation from the Undead Lord of Elyria keep Nix in a permanently busy state.

As Belzar the Ikruski God of Death and Volcanoes, used to say, he entrusted the delivery of The Ravenous Sloor to the afterlife to such a professional as Nix, and she didn't disappoint him.

Only the task of ferrying the whole Patreon of the fallen half-forgotten gods let down her professionalism. In the heat of work, she didn't notice the eleven Gods' disappearance. But it's not easy to get away from the chase of Nix, and following the call of her intuition, she ended up in Valhalla. Realizing that her target is here, she battles other legends in the Great Tournament, hoping to one day smite the vessel of loot and deliver the Old Gods to their destination.

In her spare time, Nix also moonlights as a Valkyrie. She "likes it because it's 100% commission." She also told about respecting Brynn's work because "Psychopomping ain't easy."

In total, even being trapped in Valhalla, Nix finds work like dealing with the cold cases of a half-bear Viking, the smug mobster, or golden-armored knight.


Nix uses Scythe and Blasters as weapons. Scythe is a rounded, sharp blade with a long handle, used for close-range fighting and provides accurate control over the opponent. Blasters are two pistols with a large barrel and a small handle, used for shooting at close and medium distances.

Nix's good at Defence and Speed, but a player shouldn't rely on her Strength — this rate is quite low. It is dangerous to be near Nix because her skills and weapons serve the way that the enemy will be easily attracted and damaged.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Scythe
Secondary Weapon: Blasters
Cost in the Store: 5,400
Bot Name: Robotnix
Brawlhalla Introduction: Feb 15, 2017

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