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The only primary goal of Artemis, in her own words, was the destruction of Orion, although her list of desires was not limited to this. Artemis' weapons are Rocket Lance and Scythe.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 4

  • Dexterity: 5

  • Speed: 8

  • Strength: 5




Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mary Washington in West Plaza New York. Like all girls her age, she loved reading, strawberry ice cream, and the myths about the goddess Artemis. Parents were surprised by the fact that their little daughter reads stories about the brutal massacres of the hunter Orion or could look at the starry sky all night long, but still loved her and were extremely upset when she disappeared.

The reason for this was the appearance of a huge comet ball over the Asgardian sky, which brought a new warrior in golden armor to Valhalla's halls of fame. As soon as the name of Orion was pronounced, Artemis rose from oblivion. Philosophers can speculate as much as they want about whether the universe has a will, but as events show, at least it has a defensive reaction.

The only primary goal of Artemis, in her own words, was the destruction of Orion, although her list of desires was not limited to this. Gathering all the new power together, ex-Mary tried to create a passage to Valhalla, hitting the wrong destination — the airless space among countless stars. She fought for her life with a frenzy, taking the necessary air from nearby planets, creating a semblance of a cocoon for herself. She ripped out the core from a nearby star to create solid armor, destroying her first solar system.

Artemis had to overcome many dangers on the way to Valhalla. For example, she flew through Tri-Nova, destroyed the Starchampion fleet, and detonated the Leviathan of Eons. All this tempered the will of the legend, falling into Asgard, where her goal is.

Nix divined Artemis's intentions, understanding their goals are similar and taught her several lessons on Scythe. Although Artemis has to obey local rules, her desire to destroy the enemy doesn't fade with every tournament. However, she is increasingly haunted by thoughts, is the popularity of Orion growing too quickly, and Asgard is worth salvation?


Artemis' weapons are Rocket Lance and Scythe. Rocket Lance is a weapon with a metal edge and a rocket booster at the end, often used by legends for sharp attacks at mid-distance or fast movements. Scythe is a rounded, sharp blade with a long handle, used for close-range fighting and provides accurate control over the opponent.

The legend playstyle is based on high-speed rate and fast hits with weapons on close distances.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Rocket Lance

Secondary WeaponScythe

Cost in the Store: 5,400

Bot NameArtematic

Brawlhalla IntroductionJune 14, 2017

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