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Sir Roland

Sir Roland

This great warrior defeated the Jade Knight and upon seeing the fair Valkyrie Hypernia, he decided to focus everything on gaining a chance to see her again. He gets his chance, but this was over 50 years later and it took some creative tactics by Hypernia to get Sir Roland eligible for Valhalla.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 8

  • Dexterity: 5

  • Speed: 4

  • Strength: 5


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In a lost manuscript, Shakespeare in Henry IV had once written, "Have pity. Not all men thrust to center stage find they have the heart of Roland, nor the soul to do great deeds."

The young, brave, and bold knight known as no other than Sir Roland managed to vanquish the deeply fabled Jade Knight; for a brief moment after their battle, his eyes pierced through the veil and saw between worlds. Sir Roland had seen the Valkyrie Hypernia as she lifted his recently defeated foe. Being overcome by the Valkyries' beauty, Sir Roland vowed to dedicate his life to gaining glory and fame in hopes of a chance to see the beautiful Valkyrie once again.

As the next fifty years would pass, the proud yet bullheaded and charming Roland kept his vow, gaining many more victories, made more enemies, and even broke many hearts more than any other knight in his lifetime could even imagine doing. Sir Roland had solely charged through the Fortress of Alsburg, inspiring exactly forty-seven epic ballads as well as his own Lifetime miniseries. Bards wrote many songs about the own musical piece he had written, paying tribute and honor to his victory of the frightening Bilious Fire Drake himself.

While lying on his deathbed at old age, Roland accepted his death as he was able to see the Valkyrie Hypernia once again, although Hypernia herself refused to let a man of such significance be lost to natural death, keeping him out of Valhalla. Punching Roland in the face moments before he passed, technically making him die in combat, and she could offer the knight a seat in the hall of glory.

While residing in Valhalla, no one thirsts for victory in the Grand Tournament harder than Sir Roland. Relishing in his happiness with each victory, but fuels in anger and rage with each defeat.


Sir Roland wields the Rocket Lance as his primary weapon and the Sword as his secondary weapon.

Rocket Lance is a weapon with a metal edge and a rocket booster at the end, often used by many legends for sharp attacks at mid-distance or fast movements.

The Sword is a quick attacking but lower damage weapon, it's kit is good for both defensive zoning and building up damage with combo attacks without losing pressure, perfect for beginners learning the game.

Sir Roland's strength and dexterity are perfectly average as his speed slightly lacks. While his speed is slow, he makes up for the weakness with his excellent defense, much higher than any other stat.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Rocket Lance

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Cost in the Store: 2,300

Bot Name: Sir Rolbot

Brawlhalla Introduction: November 25, 2014

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