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Lord Vraxx

Lord Vraxx

Vraxxian Imperial Anthem states “Lord Vraxx we adore thee. So strong and smart and great. Don't shoot or fry or jail us. Don't crush or immolate. Don't chop us into pieces. Don't throw us in the bay. We're loyal, true, and faithful. You're looking great today.”Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 4

  • Dexterity: 8

  • Speed: 6

  • Strength: 4


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.



The very own Vraxxian Imperial Anthem states, “Lord Vraxx we adore thee. So strong and smart and great. Don’t shoot or fry or jail us. Don’t crush or immolate. Don’t chop us into pieces. Don’t throw us in the bay. We’re loyal, true and faithful. You’re looking great today.”

The father of Vraxx was the Governor-Tyrant of the Ice Planet known as Roldakk-9, while his son Vraxx lived his childhood in a vat, as most noble Zhaktari children do. While Vraxx was a cadet pilot in Zhaktar Academy for Conquest and Subjugation, he would excel, mostly in spacedog fighting, judging the weak, and even planetary immolations.

Once Vraxx had become a warlord, he’d destroy his former home planet Roldakk for giving refuge to his old childhood piano teacher, building his own empire, built off of fear, intimidation, and their impressive space combat. Vraxx’s remarkable military prowess was often overlooked by his overconfidence, gloating, impossible revenge ideas, and just his complete self-indulgence. He had even disintegrated an entire planet only due to him disliking the colors its beaches had, as well as vaporizing so many underperforming generals, his underlings labeled the rank of lieutenant colonel as the sweet spot.

While in Valhalla, Vraxx’s scheming and goals have stayed constant and haven’t changed in the slightest. He scorns all other heroes residing here that are not from or are royalty, only letting Nai, Bödvar, Orion, and Hattori contact him directly, deeming them worthy of his direct contact. Vraxx’s prized possessions are simply everything he owns. In other words, don’t touch his belongings or face the consequences.


Lord Vraxx wields the Blasters as his primary weapon and the Rocket Lance as his secondary weapon.

The Blasters are a quick attacking weapon for an aggressive playstyle, great for combos, and have quite a few tricks to pull off.

Rocket Lance is a weapon with a metal edge and a rocket booster at the end, often used by many legends for sharp attacks at mid-distance or fast movements.

Lord Vraxx is often seen as a relatively “cheesy” style character and can be a good hero to pick up due to his weapon combo and reliable signatures.

Lord Vraxx’s stats are certainly on the more aggressive side, while lacking in defense, he excels in dexterity and his above-average agility, making him rely more on an aggressive playstyle.

Key Information:

Primary Weapon: Blasters
Secondary Weapon: Rocket Lance
Cost in the Store: 2,300
Bot Name: Robraxx
Brawlhalla Introduction: April 30, 2014

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