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Vector is a cyber marine from the distant future who went to the past only to find that his long-held beliefs of human beings were very, very flawed. Now he is determined to get back home and correct this grave error while also fighting for the good of everyone.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 6

  • Dexterity: 4

  • Speed: 7

  • Strength: 5




"Commander Vector, it's much worse than we thought. KABAL sent The Mechassassin back a thousand years to 1987. We believe its mission is to eliminate an ancient leader named 'Sen-tin-el' and rewrite human history."

Equinox Secundus

Cybermarine Arcturius Vector was sent on a dangerous mission: to destroy The Mechassassin Blackstorm, going back in time to the distant 1987. The inhabitants of New Earth in 3006 believed the data of the Engram-Killivac's Encyclopedia of World History. According to this source, people in the past flew with the help of steel wings, ate an elementary naptha-kerosene mixture, and performed all actions accompanied by epic music. 

Therefore, Vector was surprised to go back in time and find that what he believed to be reliable sources of history were lying. Although he did not manage to hide his appearance thanks to a very comfortable and outstanding costume, the inhabitants of New Earth of the past greeted him with joy because they needed help in eliminating the main threat — KABAL and many evil threats of a smaller scale. Sentinel turned out to be not an ordinary citizen but a real superhero fighting against a villain. Vector immediately joined the resistance.

Together they destroyed an armada of superintelligent jets. The battle was of such proportions that even New Mexico residents heard echoes of it, even though the main battle with Blackstorm took place in the skies over Los Angeles.

Once in Valhalla, Vector continued the battle, already in the Grand Tournament. In his spare time, he teaches yoga and talks with quotes from Top Gun. Building the jet's engines with Scarlet, he realized that she knew quite a lot more about time travel than she speaks and that his circuits were in awe of it.


Vector uses Rocket Lance and Bow as weapons. Rocket Lance is a weapon with a metal edge and a rocket booster at the end, often used by many legends for sharp attacks at mid-distance or fast movements. Bow is a two-handed weapon designed to shoot arrows by pulling the string (in Brawlhalla, it doesn't have it).

Vector is a fast hero with seven Speed points and rather medium Defence and Strength. His playstyle is based on attacks on mid and long distances. His opponents have to be agile and strong.


Key Information

Primary Weapon: Rocket Lance

Secondary Weapon: Bow

Cost in the Store: 5,400

Bot Name: V3C-TOR

Brawlhalla Introduction: September 20, 2019

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