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yüz: “I don't have plans, but I have dreams”

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yüz: “I don't have plans, but I have dreams”
Interview with the Spring 2023 Brawlhalla King

This player won Spring Royal Invitational quite spectacularly. yüz defeated every opponent in both the Round Robin stage and the final brackets. But arguably the biggest aspect of this victory is that yüz has proved the power of his region, South America, on the world esports scene.

We at DashFight sure couldn’t miss this opportunity — we reached out to the Spring King and asked him a few questions. So, here it is, our interview with yüz.

Guys, make sure you follow yüz on Twitter.

How does it feel to win Spring Royale? Please, share your general emotions after the tournament.

There is no way to explain this feeling, but this victory was different from everything else in my life. Being able to show that our region is capable of competing at the world level was something that made me feel complete. Now, I have even more desire to compete in the next tournaments.

This victory sure is a personal achievement, but it’s also a significant win for the whole SA region. How strong South America really is in comparison to other regions — if there were no travel obstacles or online connection limitations?

The South American people are brave and confident; they are not afraid to make an effort in what they want to be done. I believe it is a region that can compete against the best players in the world. We have a lot of players who haven't been able to compete this year due to difficulties with visas or problems with money. But beyond that, I don't see any other reason why someone wouldn't want to compete because desire is something that's not lacking here.

You defeated everyone at Spring Royale. Who was the most difficult opponent? Does the authority of those guys create additional pressure for you?

The hardest opponent for sure was Godly, I had to face him 3 times during the tournament, and the adaptation factor counts a lot. I didn't feel pressure as I was focused on going there to train, but sure, like at all LANs, facing a higher-level player makes you feel nervous.


What type of competition is better for you, online or offline? Do you take different characters for offline tournaments?

Offline for sure; the nervousness, anxiety, and feeling of victory make me feel alive. After the events I’ve already attended, such as DreamHack San Diego, I would think of different Legends for offline and online championships.

The community knows you as a mainly Jaeyun player after the Spring Championship and DreamHack San Diego. Why did you choose Vector for the Spring Royale? How many Legends do you play actively, and who is your favorite? 

As I said above, I went to Spring Royale with the thought of training, testing new things. I chose Vector because he is my trusted Legend, my favorite Legend, and the one with the most experience. I play a few Legends: for 1v1, I'm just with Jaeyun and Vector; in 2v2, I'm enjoying Ezio, Thor, and Jhala at the moment.

What do you think about the newest Legends, Tezca and Thea? What do you think about Battle Boots?

I don't like Tezca and Thea. Battle Boots are very boring for me. But that doesn't mean I don't think Boots are broken. Besides that, Tezca and Thea's sigs are very strong.

How much do you practice Brawlhalla? Could you please tell us a bit about your practice routine?

It depends a lot on my motivation at the moment, which is totally normal now. I wake up and take a shower, eat something, and spend the day playing/training.

Do you play other fighting games and games in general?

Just Brawlhalla and casual games with my friends.

What are your plans for future Brawlhalla tournaments? Where can we see you playing? 

I don't have plans, but I have dreams. I want to make my family proud and do my best. I don't do any kind of content, but if you want to watch me in Brawlhalla, you can add me on Steam; I accept all invitations.

Thank you for the answers! Hope to see you playing at many other tournaments and getting many more victories.

The nearest big Brawlhalla event is the tournament at DramHack Dallas, on June 2-3.

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