The Season of Love… or Lovely Fights: Valhallentine’s 2022

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The Season of Love… or Lovely Fights: Valhallentine’s 2022
Pic Source: Brawlhalla on YouTube
Every holiday is a proper reason to delve into Brawlhalla. Let’s only get prepared with Valentine's skins, podiums, avatars, and KO effects.

Are you ready for Valentine's Day 2022? Yes, you’re right, I'm not talking about those candies, flowers, and restaurant reservations. My question is about the important stuff — those awesome pinky cosmetics for your Brawlhalla Legends.

Valhallentine’s 2022 has already started! Enter the game to get an extra login bonus with the Sweetheart Brawler title and check out every unique skin. 

According to this official trailer, Matchmaker Vector and Caelestis Yumiko skins are the main treasure of this holiday collection.

Valhallentine’s 2022 Trailer

There are 15 Legend skins for Valhallentine’s 2022

Also, you can get Lovestruck 2022 Podium (oh, those lovely dolphins), Cupid’s Bow, XO KO effect, and two special avatars: Candy Hearts and Chocolate Bear’dvar.

The game offers quite a few Lovestruck Colors.

Most of those cosmetic items are purchasable for Mammoth Coins (real-world money). Only the Lovestruck Colors and Chocolate Bear’dvar are available for the in-game gold. This money is needed to support the future development of the game and the impressive prize pool for Brawlhalla esports in 2022.

Right now, the game is full of unique cosmetics. Another section for them is Galactic War. Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 5 is active till April 10.