Brawlhalla Esports 2022 Season: The Biggest Prize Pool Ever

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Brawlhalla Esports 2022 Season: The Biggest Prize Pool Ever
Pic Source: Brawlhalla Esports on Twitter
It’s a great time to play Brawlhalla and follow its top-level esports competition

Fighting games reach new heights! In 2022, Brawlhalla esports gets a super impressive prize pool — $1,320,000 across many tournaments.

Blue Mammoth Games revealed a fresh trailer that explains the Brawlhalla Esports 2022 Season:

2022 Brawlhalla Esports Schedule

This year, we can enjoy such events:

  • Traditional four Seasonal Championships (with the Winter one starting at the end of January)
  • Omen Oasis Championship
  • Crew Battle Invitational
  • Japan Invitational (for the first time ever)
  • Midseason Invitational
  • Brawlhalla World Championship 2022

The prize pool for Brawlhalla in 2021 was $1,000,000 — and that’s a big deal for fighting esports.  This time, Blue Mammoth Games has even more ambitious plans!

$1,320,000 will be divided between all the scheduled events. Seasonal Championships will have $100,000 each for five regions — Singles and Doubles.

The Brawlhalla World Championship 2022 gets $500,000.

Probably, such money prizes are a sequence of Brawlhalla’s business model. It’s a game as a service that sells cosmetic items and gets regular income to support the community. They also offer a great way to get free rewards, such as Legends skins — just watch official streams on Twitch.

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Brawlhalla’s Battle Pass Season 5: The Galactic War starts on January 19.