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New Competitive Season Starts in Brawlhalla

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New Competitive Season Starts in Brawlhalla
Pic Source: brawlhalla.com
Do you have a proper fighting spirit to achieve a better rank?

It’s a new year, and right after recapping everything great from the Brawlhalla world in 2021, we are ready to move forward — to new achievements. And the game supports such a mood by starting a new Ranked Season. Yep, it’s here! Brawlhalla Ranked Season 23 starts on January 12.

I know, it’s so tempting to stop everything you are doing and jump into the game right away (should I do the same?) But apart from the general responsibilities (let’s be serious about them as well), some research on the ranking seasons in Brawlhalla might take your time and attention.

First of all, it might be helpful to check out DashFight’s Brawlhalla Rank Guide. It mentions Glory, a currency to purchase cosmetics, and Elo, a system to rank players.

With the start of Season 23, your Elo will be kind of reset — the developers call that Soft Elo Reset. If your old Elo is under 1400 in the Personal Rating, it will remain the same. If it’s higher, there is a formula to calculate your new Elo. The formula is nicely described on the official blog. In general, high-ranked players will be forced to go down and put some effort into returning to the top. That should be fun!

And in addition to the glory of being a top-level Brawlhalla player, you also earn… oh, you earn Glory. I mean currency to purchase Skyforged cosmetic items — to clearly demonstrate your ranking achievements.

3v3 Crew Battles

It's a new thing introduced for Brawlhalla Season 23. In the Seasonal Ranked Queue, you can join 3v3 Crew Battles. Choose three Legends for a team, and start fighting with 200% of damage. You Legends replace each other after one is KOed. The winner should keep their fighters alive (at least one).

Do you have enough practice to prove your skills in Season 23? 

If you need to boost your game, our article about Brawlhalla Combos might be pretty helpful. Good luck!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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