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Five Winners of Brawlhalla Winter Championship Singles

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Five Winners of Brawlhalla Winter Championship Singles
Pic Source: Brawlhalla Esports on Twitter
These players are the best in their regions.

2022 in Brawlhalla esports started with a blast — many powerful fights of the Winter Championship. Did you watch them?

There is an obvious advantage in witnessing official Brawlhalla events live. The viewers gain a special bonus and get unique rewards. But still, we enjoy top-level matches not only because of those awesome cosmetic items. Professional fights are super entertaining, and they can teach you unique techniques (yeah, you’ll not find them in Brawlhalla guides for beginners).

So, let’s take a moment (or a few hours) to appreciate the amazing skill level of the Brawlhalla Winter Championship in five main regions.

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South America | Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2022

Wes was 2nd at the 2021 World Championship. The other players from Top 3 are well known in the region. Power Ranger won the World Championship, and Fiend was 3rd.

Australia | Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2022

Kylar Alice is dominating the Australian scene. This victory is a great addition to his 2021 World Championship title.

Please, check out DashFight’s exclusive interview with this extraordinary player.

Dummy and Doggo were the same in Top 3 at the previous World Championship; they only switched places.

Southeast Asia | Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2022

And again, Top 3 players repeat the results of the 2021 World Championship, just in a different order. Tiger is the Champion this time, and sire is 2nd.

Europe | Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2022

Swata, the 2021 World Champion, finished 3rd this time. Godly wasn’t even in Top 12 of that event, while acno? boosted up from being 5th.

North America | Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2022

Sandstorm repeated his 3rd place from the 2021 World Championship. With this result, the guy takes a break from Brawlhalla esports. luna goes up from the 4th position, and Snowy becomes the Champion after being 5th (while the World Champion Cody Travis finishes 5th this time).

February 2022 has another Brawlhalla esports event. It is the Omen Oasis Championship, planned for the end of this month.

Then, we’ll have two more events to enjoy before the Spring Championship. Schedule details are in this post.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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