• Stephen Myers
  • USA

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Birthday : Feb 3, 2002 (20)
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Stephen "Sandstorm" Myers is an American competitive gamer from Pennsylvania, who specializes in Brawlhalla and represents Tempo Storm.

Sandstorm has won renown in Brawhalla for never placing out of the top 8 in tournaments. He is the current Brawlhalla World Champion in 2v2 with his teammate, Boomie, as well as the World Champion in 1v1 matches for two years running.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sandstorm co-mains Ken and Ryu. He is currently ranked number 1 in Central Pennsylvania Power Rankings for both Wii U and Ultimate. He has stolen sets off top contenders like ESAM and Myran among others.

Sandstorm is a regular at Hard Read Ultimate. He has also competed and placed 5th at DreamHack Montreal & Savepoint, 9th at Low Tier City, 13th at Final Round 2019, 17th at Glitch 8, 25th at DreamHack Atlanta 2019 & Shine 2019, and 129th at CEO 2019. However, he was disqualified from matches at The Box, CEO Dreamland 2020, and Super Smash Con 2019.

Take a peek at Sandstorm's Twitch channel here.