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BCX 2023 Results: A Sword Master

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BCX 2023 Results: A Sword Master
A Greatsword? A normal one? Any will do to destroy everyone on the path to glory!

The Brawlhalla World Championship 2023 concludes such a wonderful esports season. In addition to traditional online seasonal tournaments, we got Royle Invitationals (what a chance to get to know the best players better!), and inter-regional offline events (at DreamHacks). The year has created a lot of great moments to remember!

Many super-strong Brawlhalla competitors took this trip to Atlanta to have fun and fight for the ultimate victory. Let’s enjoy the BCX 2023 stream (the final part) and check out the results. This post on DashFight also lists the Brawlhalla Legends who shined at the World Championship.

Brawlhalla Esports | World Championship 2023, Top 8

The Top 8 part started with a match of two powerful South American players — it was Kyna vs yüz, the Autumn Champion vs Spring King. First, Kyna was totally dominating and reached match point, but then yüz clutched and won three games in a row.

Godly started his Semi-Final against Impala with a quick KO — and it felt like Impala did not properly recover after that. The BCX 2022 Champion switched to Ember for games two and three but had generally the same success as with Kaya. Godly proved that the Grand Final win at DreamHack Valencia wasn’t an accident.

Sandstorm could not repeat his Summer and Autumn successes. The lord confidently defeated Blaze and had a tough win over Impala. But in the Losers Semi, Sandstorm was destroyed by Kyna.

The Winners Final started with two very close games. Godly and yüz got one point each in this match, but then… the fight remained as close as it was, but yüz just managed to land some huge hits with his Greatsword better. Even switching to Teros did not save Godly from falling to the Losers brackets.

Godly was eliminated from the Championship by Kyna. While Kyna was sticking to his main, Teros, Godly switched from Rayman to Mordex and eventually to Chun-Li — only one game was won by the 2v2 Champion.

Brawlhalla Esports | World Championship 2023, Grand Final

South America pretty much dominates the Brawlhalla global scene at the moment. A player from this region, lores, won the Autumn Royale. yüz is the monarch of the Spring Invitational. Kyna celebrated victory at the Summer Royale. And what a World Championship Grand Final we had — a fight between two South American Brawlhalla Kings!

However close this fight was, that Greatsword in the hands of yüz’s Jaeyun was totally terrifying. And landing those Gravity Cancel Sword Sigs was also super masterful. yüz unleashed his might in the last game and won it with quite an advantage.

yüz is the Brawlhalla World Champion in 2023. Congratulations!

BCX 2023 | Results + Legends

1. yüz Jaeyun
2. Kyna Roman Reigns (Teros), Teros
3. Godly Rayman, Teros, Mordex, Chun-Li (Wu Shang)
4. Sandstorm Tezca
5. Impala  Kaya, Ember
5. acno? Ragnir
7. Neeze Mordex, Val
7. Blaze Zuko (Hattori); Roman Reigns (Teros)

BCX 2023 concludes Brawlhalla Esports Year Eight. And that means Year Nine is right around the corner. We expect to get the official announcement really soon, so stay tuned to DashFight for all the important info.

Meanwhile, the World Championship has brought us some pretty cool announcements. SpongBob joins Brawlhalla as a crossover skin — and this is super exciting. A new Legend will have Cannon and Spear in their set of weapons. More details on this character should be revealed later.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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