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Brawlhalla at DreamHack Valencia 2023: Street Fights

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Brawlhalla at DreamHack Valencia 2023: Street Fights
Does changing skins affect the performance?

It’s nice to see players from various regions competing at LAN events. And it’s great to see them actually playing in various regions. Recently, we enjoyed a relatively big Brawlhalla offline tournament in Australia — BAM 2023. And now, an open offline competition happened in Valencia, Spain.

It was the last Brawlhalla official tournament at DreamHack gatherings in 2023. After many excellent fights, we’ve got a new Champion.

Brawlhalla at DreamHack Valencia 2023 | Stream, Top 8

Like with the 2v2 tournament in Valencia, some prominent participants left the competition pretty early. For example, the Champion of DreamHack Dallas, yüz, was defeated by lores in the Top 32 part.

In the Winners Semis, Godly won a match vs Wess, and luna defeated Impala (having a brilliant recovery from a 1:3 stock disadvantage).

Impala and luna (the Champion of DreamHack San Diego and the King of Winter Royale) played again in the Elimination Final — but only after Godly defeated luna in the Winners Final, and Impala had two very close fights against Sgrape and lores.

The Elimination Semi was especially interesting. It was a Kaya mirror match, and Impala clutched from a 0:2 situation, winning three games in a row.

In the Elimination Final, Impala was just better. He avenged and proceeded to the Grand Final.

Brawlhalla at DreamHack Valencia 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

For this match, Godly kept the skin of Chun-Li for his Wu Shang. Could the power of Street Fighter help him play so confidently? Godly dominated during the whole match vs Impala and got clear 3:0.

Godly is the Brawlhalla Champion at DreamHack Valencia 2023. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Characters in Top 8

7. Mounir

7. Sandstorm

5. Wess

5. Sgrape

4. lores

3. luna

2. Impala

1. Godly

Top Moments

The damage by Rocket Lance is amazing and everything, but try to land those hits when you play vs Godly.

Impala gets a 3:1 stock advantage, but luna recovers after that and wins the match.

Chun-Li’s cool combo.

luna takes a confident game vs Godly.

Impala clutches and proves to be the best Kaya in the world.

Impala KOs luna with Kaya’s sig.

Godly is the Champion!

It’s a pretty important victory for Godly. Not only did he defeat the current World Champion, but he also won an international LAN event. It’s quite a boost of motivation before the upcoming Summer Championship and (potentially) Summer Royale.

Stay tuned to DashFight for more info on these and future Brawlhalla esports events.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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