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Brawlhalla at BAM 2023: Inter-Generational Fight

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Brawlhalla at Battle Arena Melbourne 2023: Inter-Generational Fight
This tournament has clearly demonstrated the might of the AU esports scene

The Brawlhalla dimension of fighting esports is thriving at the moment. We have many community events, traditional seasonal championships, Royale Invitationals, and even open offline DreamHack tournaments. The prize pools are impressive, and the addition of new characters and Crossover skins supports the blazes of excitement. But at the same time… something is still missing.

Let me be that annoying guy who adds a bit of salt to this cheerful picture (perhaps, this may become an extra motivation for further improvement). We kind of see some of the regions left… not behind, but rather aside from the main party. 

Why don’t we see SEA and AU players at the Invitationals? Hasn't the success of the SA region at Spring Royale and DreamHack Dallas shown the global dedication and passion to Brawlhalla?

Well, the Australian Brawlhalla players have certainly demonstrated their skills at the recent multi-game event, Battle Arena Melbourne 2023. And the hype of those matches has motivated me to start this post with… you know, with those general thoughts.

Anyway, the AU esports scene is totally worthy of worldwide attention, so let’s enjoy the stream and some details of the Brawlhalla tournament at BAM 2023, including a list of characters and clips of top moments.

Brawlhalla at BAM 2023 | Top 8

Two legendary competitors entered the Top 8 part through the parallel brackets. Kylar Alice is a titan of the AU region. His might is beyond doubt — and many titles in his career are the best proof of this. In the Semi-Final, Kylar Alice defeated Cheeseface, while playing one of the newer Legends, Ezio, and after losing one game, his more traditional character, Teros.

Asmodie is a titan of the new generation. She is a threat to every Brawlhalla player — certainly, including Kylar Alice. Most current AU championships may be called a home run for Asmodie. In the Semi-Final of BAM 2023, she faced Rogue and sent the opponent to the Lower brackets with a clear 3:0.

The Winners Final was an epic fight between two titans. To be honest, using the “inter-generation” reference is somewhat irresponsible — both players are of the current gen, even if Kylar Alice was here a bit earlier. But on the other hand, this “irresponsibility” perfectly reflects the excitement of this fight.

Kylar Alice and Asmodie exchanged games and took the match to a 2:2 situation. In the decisive game, Kylar Alice managed to get a significant advantage and then did not let it go — he won and proceeded to the Grand Final through the Winners side.

Asmodie had no other choice but to destroy Cheeseface in the Elimination Final — to reach the Grand Final too and play vs Kylar Alice again.

Brawlhalla at BAM 2023 | Grand Final

At some point in between the Winners Final and this match, Asmodie entered her beast mode and became totally unstoppable. Was it because of switching from Yumiko to Vector?

Asmodie won six games in a row. It’s not like Kylar Alice played worse or something. It’s just Asmodie was absolutely on a different level this time. 

Asmodie is the Brawlhalla Champion at Battle Arena Melbourne 2023. Congratulations!

And also, Beware of Chair and Asmodie are 2v2 Brawlhalla Champions at BAM 2023.

Brawlhalla Legends at Battle Arena Melbourne 2023

5. Sero

5. Solaris

4. Rogue

3. Cheeseface

2. Kylar Alice

1. Asmodie

Top Moments

Rocket Lance by Asmodie.

Kylar Alice to the Grand Final.

Asmodie wins the Losers Final.

Annihilation by Asmodie.

We at DashFight certainly want to see Australian players competing in many international Brawlhalla events, not only in the World Championships. The whole community will benefit from such top-level inter-regional in-game interactions.

If you enjoy seeing Brawlhalla matches with “no kings”, check out the tournament at Combo Breaker 2023 — the celebrities did not attend it, but the fights were still absolutely awesome.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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