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Ezio is a guest character in Brawlhalla from Assassin's Creed franchise, who uses a sword and an orb as weapons.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 4

  • Dexterity: 7

  • Speed: 6

  • Strength: 5




Ezio Auditore, a renown assassin from the most successful Ubisoft videogame franchise, Assassin's Creed, is a second guest character to join Brawhalla's battlegrounds. He was released on July 27, 2022, alongside the crossover event and 6.09 update.

Ezio is an agile master of stealth and swordplay. He used to be a young Rennaissance noble man, until his father and brothers fell victims of Florentian political intrigues and have been hanged. Soon after, Ezio discovered  his Assassin's heritage and began to train to take revenge against the Templar Order and their Grandmaster, who appeared to be responsible for the execution of Ezio's family.

During his long travels, Ezio managed to reunite the Codex pages and save three Italian cities from Templar's rule, helped Christopher Columbus to ensure the future travels and the discovery of the New World, defeated the Cult of Hermes,  made friends with Leonardo da Vinci to improve the infamous Hidden Blade, and saved Niccolo Machiavelli's life several times. 

After an everlasting fight against evil in its various forms, Ezio accepted Valkyrie's offer to ascend to Vallhalla and join the greatest heroes in their battle.


Ezio uses Sword as the primary weapon and an Orb as a secondary weapon. 

Sword is a light single-handed weapon, able to deliver a barrage of quick-hitting attacks. 

An Orb is a sphere-shaped weapon, imbued with magic power. It can be controlled through the air in different patterns to deliver some quick attacks. 

According to in-game stats, Ezio is an agile and fast fighter with high Dexterity and Speed attributes. However, he's suffering from lacking Defense and Strength, which makes him quite vulnerable if pinned down or limited in mobility.

Key information:

Primary Weapon: Sword
Secondary Weapon: Orb
Cost in the Store: 7,200
Bot Name: EZ-o
Brawlhalla Introduction: July 27, 2022

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