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Zariel is a member of the famed Elysian army— Paladium. Sent to infiltrate Valhalla to see if indeed Odin is creating an army of his own, Zariel has fast taken to life in the new plane.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 7

  • Dexterity: 4

  • Speed: 4

  • Strength: 7




One day, Odin visited Elysium, the abode of the blessed souls, the army of the Paladium, consisting of righteous warriors, waiting in the wings to repel a possible attack by demons from Gehenna. After examining the army and recognizing its power, Odin inflamed with simple human envy of the Paladium's army and decided to gather his own. He sent his Valkyries to all ends of the universe with the task of assembling an army superior in power to the army of the Paladium in case of the world's end. The latter, having learned about the vanity of Odin, only laughed, realizing that it was impossible to surpass perfection.

After a while, gossip and rumors began to come from Valhalla that it was inhabited by warriors of unprecedented power, who were fighting in the Great Tournament, learning from each other, which further increased their chances of becoming invincible. Paladium became worried and decided to send his most loyal, trained, disciplined, and strong warrior Zariel to the domain of Odin.

According to Tauriel, the gatekeeper of Elysium, Zariel, the angelic warrior of the Paladium, is an impeccable weapon that carries sacred justice. He will not succumb to the pernicious influence of Odin's rabble.

However, nothing mundane is alien to heavenly entities. However, the original goal of Zariel was to moderate the ardor of the local elite and find out if Odin's warriors were so dangerous for Elysium. Over time and the course of each tournament, Zariel became more and more imbued with the local atmosphere and moods of Valhalla's residents. For example, in his spare time, Zariel can have fun searching through a variety of tests on the Internet. Once, together with Ada, he passed the test "What kind of bread would you be?" hoping to be rye.


Zariel's weapons are Gauntlets and Bow. Gauntlets are two massive fighting metal gloves used for multiple fast attacks. Bow is a two-handed weapon designed to shoot arrows by pulling the string (in Brawlhalla, it doesn't have it).

Zariel's playstyle is based on Strength and Defence, and his Speed and Dexterity are below average. Although this legend is not fast, his signatures allow him to cover both close and long distances.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Gauntlets

Secondary Weapon: Bow

Cost in the Store: 5,400

Bot Name: Zero-L

Brawlhalla Introduction: July 25, 2018

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