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Wu Shang

Wu Shang

Formerly a ruthless general, Wu Shang soon found that there was no real peace to be found in war and killing. So, he decided to take on the quieter life and wandered the world helping people. In Valhalla, he isn't much different and has kept up his monk lifestyle.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 5

  • Dexterity: 7

  • Speed: 5

  • Strength: 5




In an advertising pitch for the show "Karate Chop!" Based on Wu Shang, they said "Wu Shang is a wandering monk who has renounced his violent, mysterious past and walks the earth seeking enlightenment. He seeks to avoid attention, but each week, Wu Shang must use martial arts and ancient wisdom to solve problems in a new location."

Wu Shang was an excellent and absolutely merciless general, leading the Emperor's armies to countless victories with ease, but his heart always felt like it had a void within it. One day, Wu Shang decided to get up and leave his tent, stripping himself of all the gear he wore and walking away from the war, power, and glory. Now without a penny to his name and in tattered rags, Wu Shang decided he'd go to a monastery. The Monks residing there decided they would take the struggling Wu Shang in, as he took their way of peace, discipline, and even martial arts.

As time passed, his mind grew clearer of his past doings. Wu Shang had come to the realization that he wouldn't need to kill in any situation he was in. The angry Emperor had sent his best troops to the temple Wu Shang was learning and studying his ways; when they attacked him, Wu Shang defeated every last one of them without even harming a strand of hair.

Vowing himself to protect the monastery, Wu Shang changed his lifestyle to now be a wanderer, sharpening his powers of both distraction and influence. Once upon a time, Wu Shang hid a hundred villagers in a single willow tree perfectly. Sneaking into the very own Emperor's palace stables, making the Emperor's horse betray him. He even managed to hide an entire bridge from a pushing fleet of military.

As Wu Shang looked for peace and enlightenment within every inch of the world, he allowed himself to be captured by the Emperor's agents. The men would shackle and imprison him deep inside of a volcano to rot. While stuck inside the deep, pitch-black cavern, Wu Shang took a deep breath of the energy the mountain gave off. While absorbing the energy, Wu Shang's third eye had finally opened, and he found his true peace. Protruding himself out of prison, he wandered to the Astral plane until he met a Valkyrie in his journey, leading him to his new home in Valhalla.

While residing in Valhalla, Wu Shang still follows his monk ways, more than happy learning he fights without any fatal incidents occurring. In his spare time, Kor is even teaching him how to move platforms.


Wu Shang wields the Gauntlets as his primary weapon and the Spear as his secondary weapon.

The Gauntlets are two massive fighting metal gloves used for multiple fast attacks.

The Spear is a long stick with a sharp edge. It's useful for poking hits and spinning movements.

Wu Shang's stats strength, dexterity, and agility are all completely in the middle of the board, but his dexterity proves to be his highest by a fair margin.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Gauntlets

Secondary Weapon: Spear

Cost in the Store: 5,400

Bot Name: Wu Shandroid

Brawlhalla Introduction: July 13, 2016

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