Legend Skins of Brawlhallidays 2021 Ranked

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Legend Skins of Brawlhallidays 2021 Ranked
What do we certainly want for our Brawlhalla collections?

We at DashFight are often not serious enough. That lighthearted mood while writing about esports and new characters — should we address this issue and become more responsible?

Ok, we decided to try that in this absolutely serious post. Highly competitive experts gathered together to bring clarity into one very important question — what are the best Brawlhalla Skins in the current selection of Brawlhallidays 2021. Are you ready to be serious with us?

14. Future Spirit Artemis

It’s nice to have this reference to A Christmas Carol, but the skin is kind of less festive than the others. Artemis looks threatening, though, and we might regret this placement later.

13. White Out Nix

Imagine meeting her while skiing! The bright colors are awesome.

12. Krampus Cross

He adds some dark energy. Do evil wizards celebrate the holidays?

11. Nutcracker Bödvar

It’s a nice costume to remember that wonderful story. And the sword should be sweet — everyone loves candy.

10. Nutcracker Cassidy

She is a more joyful version of Nutcracker. Such Cassidy would power up any party.

9. Festive Yeti Onyx

Does this Yeti use a snowman as a weapon? So cool!

8. Nutcracker Val

She is the best Nutcracker in this set of skins. Her icy style reminds us of Frozen

7. Wreck the Halls Teros

It seems like anyone wouldn’t mind having such a reindeer in their sleigh. Beware evil wolves and dangerous monsters!

6. Holly Jolly Ember

She is the best elf ever!

5. Reindeer Games Gnash

It’s a hat for everyone to wear to a party! Let the funny face distract your Brawlhalla opponents.

4. Santa Wu Shang

This guy wins the title of the most stylish Santa.

3. Frost Guardian Ragnir

Is this the king of icy dragons? In combination with the weapons, this skin is brilliant!

2. Snowman Kor

It’s a genius simplicity! Kor’s skin for the winter holidays is immortal classic

1. Secret Santa Thatch

Just look at this Santa! It’s a spirit of mischievous fun, and such Thatch corresponds well with the general atmosphere of Brawlhallidays 2021, don’t you think?

The seriousness of this list is obvious — you spend real money to buy the skins. The decision should be made! Will you buy something for your main character only? Do you create a collection of Brawlhalla cosmetics?

We wish you the funniest fights — with any skin or without. And if you need a boost for your in-game progress, take a look at our Brawlhalla Guide for Beginners.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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