Brawlhalla Reveals Holiday Skins (and promises even more fun)

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Brawlhalla Reveals Holiday Skins (and promises even more fun)
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Bring the festive mood into your fights

You might have lots of awesome skins in your Brawlhalla collection — for your characters, for their weapons, for your avatar, emotes… But that’s never “the final point” for expanding your personal selection of cosmetics. The developers take care of creating fresh motivations to return to fights and spend Mammoth Coins.

And you know what? That’s great! Who doesn’t love their favorite game whirling with cool activities? While Brawlhalla is a game as a service, supporting it during such events is a great step for dedicated players. In return, you get wonderful skins.

Brawlhallidays 2021 are right around the corner! So, what to expect from this festive season?

The list of unique items includes:

  • Exclusive skins: White Out Nix and Reindeer Games Gnash
  • 12 рoliday-themed skins: Wreck The Halls Teros, Holly Jolly Ember, Secret Santa Thatch, Krampus Cross, Snowman Kor, Nutcracker Bodvar, Nutcracker Val, Future Spirit Artemis, Santa Wu Shang, Nutcracker Cassidy, Frost Guardian Ragnir, Festive Yeti Onyx
  • Winter Holiday Colors
  • Winner Wonderland’21 Podium
  • Free seasonal Title Reward (just log in into the game during the event)

Winter skins for Brawlhallidays 2021 have been shown in the official trailer.

Brawlhallidays 2021 Skins, Reveal Trailer

The holiday event starts in Brawlhalla on December 5, and the developers promise even more fun revealed for the gamers closer to the date. 

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I wonder whether those pro players who participate in such events as Brawlhalla World Championship will be showing off with these Brawlhallidays Skins. Hm, should keep a closer eye on esports events.