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Thatch is a true villain who doesn't have any friends or true allies. Sure, he works with Lord Vraxx to overthrow Valhalla, but he only really cares about himself. That makes sense, he made his own mother walk the plankKnow more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 3

  • Dexterity: 5

  • Speed: 7

  • Strength: 7




Proprietor of The Anchor and Pistol, named Oldish Pere, had once said, "An old sea shanty tells the tale of a buccaneer who went mad drinking gunpowder and grog. Every time he sailed into battle, he'd set his own ship aflame, so there could be no retreat. I forget how it goes, but the chorus includes the phrase high turnover rate.'"

Thatch had beaten the devil himself with his very own double-headed coin to win the ship he sailed on, while aboard it; he had wreaked more havoc and caused more pain than any pirate before or around him. His pure obsession for chaos and setting the world on fire, combined with his hard love for the classic black powder, Thatch merged the two interests and forced hundreds of ships to sink, destroying dozens of ports, and even making two volcanoes erupt before they were even prepared.

Because of Thatch's tyranny, there are many ghosts and spirits that roam his ship, even taking shifts to haunt the man. He loves to play his favorite drinking game; he calls it "Drink every time Thatch has a beard." Claiming to be married to the sea, he even has a marriage license to prove it; its legitimacy is highly in question, though. His face being gnarly, using the old saying that he has a face only a mother could love doesn't even work for him, considering he made her walk the plank.

The Grand Tournament is a paradise of pure chaos and fire for Thatch, but the battles aren't even close to satisfying his chaotic thirst. Planning with Lord Vraxx to take over all of Valhalla out of pure violence and bloodshed, and when he had nothing better to do, he will lay deadly traps around Valhalla, claiming them to be pranks for the fellow legends that reside there. He spends his nights outside digging holes through whatever he can, more than certain that the gods must be hiding their treasure around somewhere.


Thatch wields the Sword as his primary weapon and the Blasters as his secondary weapon.

The Sword is a quick attacking but lower damage weapon, it's kit is good for both defensive zoning and building up damage with combo attacks without losing pressure, perfect for beginners learning the game.

The Blasters are a quick attacking weapon for an aggressive playstyle, great for combos, and even have quite a few tricks to pull off.

Thatch's stats heavily point towards the glass cannon type of playstyle, his strength and agility being quite high with average dexterity, leaving his defense harshly suffering near the lowest it can possibly be.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Sword

Secondary Weapon: Blasters

Cost in the Store: 3,900

Bot Name: Thatchomaton

Brawlhalla Introduction: August 26, 2014

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