Cody Travis is the Brawlhalla 2021 Champion in North America

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Cody Travis is the Brawlhalla 2021 Champion in North America
Pic Source: Brawlhalla YouTube
The player won the last Finals event of 2021 World Championship and joined the party of champions in five regions

The journey of the Brawlhalla World Championship was long and exciting. We’ve witnessed quite a few online tournaments with many spectacular matches. The culmination of BCX 2021 started a couple of weeks ago when 2v2 teams fought in Regional Finals. Then, the community had a chance to enjoy the final 1v1 matches in four regions. And on November 20, North American Brawlhalla players fought to become one and only Champion.

If you’ve seen the title, you already know the name of the winner. Still, it’s not a reason to not enjoy the matches. Those fights are just cool, and it’s always fun and educational to watch top-level fighting sessions.

Also, that was the event where Street Fighter Legends were announced for Brawlhalla. Have you seen the trailer?

Brawlhalla World Championship Finals, North America

Cody Travis had a very good performance in 2020 and throughout 2021, finishing in the Top 8s and even Top 3s in many tournaments. The player has even reached the Grand Final of Brawlhalla Autumn Championship 2021, moving through the Losers Brackets, but then he lost to Sandstorm. It looks like these North American Finals were kind of revenge and a big chance for Cody Travis. Well, he used this chance in full.

The tournament started pretty promisingly for Cody Travis. He won his Round 1 match against jet bean, 3:0.

Winners Round 2 wasn’t that easy for Cody Travis at all. He played against Raydish and had to make a comeback from a 1:2 situation.

Barraza of Cody Travis was pretty much in control of the situation during the Quarter-Final against Hattori of Ethan. Despite the opponent having a very good moment and even a stock advantage in game 1, Cody got a clear victory, 3:0.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Champion, Sandstorm, had a close match against luna in the Semi-Final. After winning 3:1, Sandstorm became the first participant of the Winners Final.

Cody Travis joined Sandstorm after his Semi-Final match against Java. The first game was very close, but a mistake by Java helped Cody get that point. Game 2 finished with the win of Java — but man, that was so close and could go both ways. Bodvar of Java got an early advantage in Games 3 and 4, but then Cody Travis recovered well, demonstrating an amazing mastery of Barraza’s weapons — building initial damage with Blasters and then landing launching hits with Axe. Cody won 3:1.

The Winners Final was Cody Travis vs Sandstorm. That was totally a back-and-forth fight. The players exchanged games, but then Cody won game 3, making a sort of comeback from a stock disadvantage. For Game 4, Sandstorm decided to switch characters — Fait instead of Mordex to fight Barraza. Again, Sandstorm got an early lead, and again, he lost it at the end. Cody Travis proceeded to the Grand Final.

In the Losers Final, Java and Sandstorm had another very tough match. First, Java won two games. Then, Sandstorm made the score 2:2. Only in the last one, Java secured this ticket to the Grand Final.

This match had the same participants as the previous Semi-Final, but the tension was beyond comparison. The pattern of game winners here was very similar to the Losers Final, but this time, Java wasn’t that lucky one. After winning two games in a row, Cody Travis lost two following ones. The final game was extremely close, with many amazing moments for both players. Java even got a stock lead for a short while, but then, in the last stock, Barraza of Cody Travis managed to masterfully use Blasters and shoot Bodvar of Java to the sky.

Cody Travis is the Brawlhalla 2021 World Champion in North America. Congratulations!

(What a prediction that was from the developers to give away a Barraza skin as viewership reward for this tournament. Have you got one?)

This event officially completes Brawlhalla World Championship 2021. And you know, that is also great —  new events are coming very soon. Who knows, maybe those learning today how to play the game with DashFight’s Brawlhalla Beginner Guide will compete on the top level tomorrow (ok, probably next year).

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