First Winners of Brawlhalla World Championship: The Best Teams

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First Winners of Brawlhalla World Championship: The Best Teams
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Miracles of team play and individual fighting mastery

It’s always a pleasure to watch top-level esports events. The community in general knows very well how emotionally filled tournaments are in such disciplines as Street Fighter or Tekken. Brawlhalla events seem to be a kind of niche on the global fighting esports scene. That is easy to change — just treat yourself to the powerful show of the current Brawlhalla World Championship to feel how awesome these platformer fights can be.

A perfect occasion for this is already here. Are you ready to experience exciting matches of the Doubles Weekend? It’s the first section of Finals for BCX 2021, the biggest Brawlhalla event of the year.

And if you play Brawlhalla, you already know how helpful watching professionals playing is. It’s an effective way to discover new mind-blowing combos and absorb unusual tricks with various weapons.

Australia and Southeast Asia | Brawlhalla World Championship; Doubles

Champions in Southeast Asia are Reaper and Vortex. They lost to Sire and himwy in the Winners Finals but then managed to reset and win the Grand Final.

Doggo and Elsom proved their exceptional power in Australia. For the whole Top 8 part, they lost only one game.

Europe and South America | Brawlhalla World Championship; Doubles

acno? and Blaze are the winners in Europe. They defeated Swata and TM easily in the Winners Final, but their Grand Final against the same team was much tougher.

Power Ranger and Wes celebrated victory in South America. Their run in the Top 8 bracket is quite impressive!

North America | Brawlhalla World Championship; Doubles

It seems like Sandstorm and Boomie have occupied the North American team throne. They’ve been the best in this region for three years! Still, this tournament wasn’t too easy. They fell into the Losers Bracket after the Winners Semi-Final but then managed to reset and win the Grand Final against Snowy and Santy.

The fights are not over yet as the main event is planned for November 12-14 (depending on your time zone) — Brawlhalla World Championship Singles Finals. It’s definitely a great show to watch!

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