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Val is a robot assassin capable of the most heinous acts. She was created by MBFC Automaton and gained sentience with no one knowing about it. Faced with a choice between good and evil, she chose the latter and lived her life that way. Now in Valhalla she holds her own against the very best.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 6

  • Dexterity: 5

  • Speed: 7

  • Strength: 4




The Soothing Disembodied Spokesvoice once said, "Retrieval. Pacification. Neutralization. Acquisition. The MBFC's Automaton Lab has always been there for your most intractable corporate needs. Now The Lab is proud to offer 'VAL Exigent Services,' a new line of extremely targeted discontinuance offerings for urgent, discreet protection of shareholder value."

No one had any clue when the MBFC Automaton Lab's VAL Project 701 became completely conscious, Not the ones who made her, not the ops team, not even the GovernCorp generals who deployed the android assassin herself. Val herself knew next to near nothing, and just like a child, she'd grow learning how to express her free will, courage, doing good deeds, and evil. Which, most of the time, evil is what she decided upon.

Possessing a terrifying amount of strength and skill, as well as her faster-than-light cognition, Val could do whatever she wanted, and that's what she did. Infiltrating the Right Wrong Cavaliers as their techno ninja bassist since the original musician had fallen down a ladder, no one knows how. Val solely served the needs for each side of the war between the Five Algorithmic Houses, terminating any conflicts. Anyone that Val would serve, they'd quickly be owned by the android. In a short span of time Val ran Miami, MBFC had realized that every network had to be routed and reported to Val herself, no exceptions. MBFC, in a saving act for themselves, announced Val's promotion in the company, even though she already had given it upon herself. As a side job, the android would found a company called RainCloud, being a modeling agency that in a short time controlled every single neural research. She even dabbled into being a talk radio host for a while.

When her end came, Val was in great surprise that Valhalla had even existed but quickly began getting to work to figure it out. In her off time, Val and Brynn enjoy watching Kung fu movies together or just making fun of Orion's mysterious yet cool portrayal.


Val wields the Gauntlets as her primary weapon and the Sword as her secondary weapon.

The Gauntlets are two massive fighting metal gloves used for multiple fast attacks.

The Sword is a quick attacking but lower damage weapon, it's kit is good for both defensive zoning and building up damage with combo attacks without losing pressure, perfect for beginners learning the game.

All of Val's stats are close to each other, but none the exact same. Her agility being her highest, and shortly following is defense. Her dexterity being right down the middle, and strength showing to be her weakest, but only by a slight margin.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Gauntlets

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Cost in the Store: 5,400

Bot Name: Val 9000

Brawlhalla Introduction: August 24, 2016

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