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Xull was another ruthless commander who seemed never to lose. He lived for the battle and was extremely good at it. He finally succumbed to a trick and found himself in Valhalla. Now in another home, he continues doing what he loves best— fight.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 5

  • Dexterity: 4

  • Speed: 4

  • Strength: 9




Cruel, merciless, savage - these are the words to describe the commander of the Iron Legion Xull, who seized power over the army, killing the fierce Troll Titan. Orders rain down as if out of the horn of plenty: create a cannon brigade, fight only in close combat! Yes, a little illogical but effective.

How could we learn from Ogedai, the Chronicler, "Orcs can live up to three hundred years. Due to lifestyle choices, few survive past about eight."

This is the way of life that Commander Xull defined for himself and his Iron Legion. The fight, with his participation, has always been spectacular. How about his appearance horseback riding a Tyrannosaurus rex, swinging a deadly steel trap created from its predecessor?

Rumors of a brutal and extravagant Legion led by such a commander ensured their wealth and unprecedented power. The innovative technique "minotaur release" became very popular, but they couldn't comprehend its secret to this day. And the admission order to the ranks of the legion surprised with its cunning and thoughtfulness: Xull appointed a generous reward for his head, and the best fighters who dared to fight him and survive after a brutal beating became his mercenaries.

Legends were told about the strength of the commander, the battles and victories he won. But one day, Xull lost, succumbing to a ruse and changing sides in Undead Wars. He is sure that someone was cheating.

Once in Valhalla, Xull continued to win his right to be the strongest fighter everywhere. Whether it's Kor or Thor, it doesn't matter what he fights for: dominion over the Golem Underground or possession of Thursday. He even challenged Scarlet, and the leadership of the Valhallan Ladies Book Club became the stake. For Xull, the most important thing is that he will lead a great army to battle during Ragnarok, no matter which side the battle will go on.


Xull mastered Cannon and Axe. Cannon has a huge barrel and is used for short and medium-range shots. Axe is a double-sided blade with a long handle, used by a legend to launch attacks that cover large areas.

Xull is one of the strongest characters in Brawlhalla; his Strength rate is 9. Defense is medium. His playstyle is based on powerful but rather slow attacks with Axe and shoots with Cannon.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Canon

Secondary Weapon: Axe

Cost in the Store: 5,400

Bot Name: Xultron

Brawlhalla Introduction: November 22, 2017

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