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The luchador who became an Ancient God. Tezca aka Oscar Huerta brings down his enemies in style!Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 5

  • Dexterity: 5

  • Speed: 5

  • Strength: 7




What is wrestling? For some, it is just an orchestrated show where fighters pretend to beat each other, for some, it is a legendary sports entertainment where they can bring their personas: electrifying, loyal, respectful, fearsome and brutal. For Oscar Huerta, that was a path to being an Ancient God. At sixteen, he became already a legend of a lucha libre style. At twenty-eight, he discovered the history of his family, the Jaguar Mask and the Jaguar Kingdom.

Can you imagine Bruce Wayne being not an industrialist but a wrestler? Well, that is what Oscar’s life has become: a luchador by day and a saviour of the world by night. Tezca disrupted vicious plans by stealing Dr. Evilstein’s freeze ray, but, more importantly, he managed to stop his luchador sister Chel from restoring the Jaguar Kingdom, which could lead to an enormous price.

The love of being in the spotlight did not vanish in Valhalla. Tezca is doing great in the Tournament, where he often teams up with Chel and brings entertainment to the audience.


Tezca was the first character to receive the Battle Boots as a weapon. At first, people thought of him as an overpowered character, but after a couple of nerfs, he remained strong, just not unfairly strong.

Tezca is an offensive character who can deal a lot of damage with his combos and oppressive style. While it may be a popular choice among beginners, it is still possible to punish him, so patience and strong decision-making are a must when you play against him.

Key Information

Primary Weapon: Battle Boots 

Secondary Weapon: Gauntlet

Cost in the store: 5400

Bot name: Tezcalculator

Brawlhalla Introduction: 14 December 2022

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