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Brawlhalla Battle Boots Legends: Signature Features

Brawlhalla Battle Boots Legends: Signature Features

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These characters are among the most annoying in the game. Would you like to use their power for your success and glory?

Probably, every big fighting game has such periods. Developers add a new character, and they become absolutely overpowered, even broken. After a while, online matchmaking becomes flooded with that fighter — so you should know how to deal with them or to just… play them.

Brawlhalla had something like that when Battle Boots were only introduced as one of the weapons. Tezca, the first Legend using Battle Boots was… yeah, he was broken. But at this point, we’ve passed through some nerfs, and Tezca’s dominance is not that pronounced (especially on the professional level).

And the game has got other Battle Boots Legends. Now, players can also take Thea and Red Raptor. So, is the period of disbalance finished in Brawlhalla? It depends on your skill level. Beginners and intermediate competitors may find Battle Boots Legends still as overpowered as they were before. You need to know how to deal with them properly to not be easy victims.

A lot about that was said in the guide on Battle Boots in Brawlhalla — as the might of these Legends mainly come from the Light Attacks. It’s time to discuss Signature features of Battle Boots Legends in more detail. This article will help you to take the max from playing them, not to fall into a dangerous trap with them, and know how to fight against them.


Battle Boots + Gauntlets

He is the one who initiated those conversations about Battle Boots being broken. But after the addition of Thea, people started specifying — nope, it is Tezca broken. The developers responded nicely and nerfed the Mexican wrestler, still keeping the character somewhat terrifying.

Tezca’s stats are balanced, with a good focus on strength. His Signature Attacks are super strong. The wrestler is a mighty grappler with Gauntlets. Down Sig with Battle Boots also has that scary grappler style, while the other sigs are more straightforward.

Tezca’s sigs have a kind of high priority, so he often just jumps onto the opponent and wins this “clash.”

The weapon combination is quite good, as both Gauntlets and Battle Boots require a very similar approach to movement and general fighting style.

As for Stances, Taking one gauge from Strength to Speed may make Tezca even more dangerous on the fighting stages.


Battle Boots + Rocket Lance

The key feature of this character is her speed. It is true for sigs with both weapons. But in theory, this sounds somewhat scarier than it is in practice.

Good positioning and timing is pretty important for landing Thea’s Battle Boots Neutral Signature. Side and Down ones are simpler, but they lack the advantages of Tezca’s. Well, it’s true for most Legends — but we make a direct comparison to Tezca here, and this difference is apparent between these two characters. Thea uses all the advantages of Battle Boots, but she doesn’t have this strong reputation of being broken.

Her stats have a strong focus on Speed. Defense is her weakest point, but the Defense Stance decreases Attack, which is also very low for Thea. Using Strengths might be a good idea for this Legend — more powerful attacks for the cost of Dexterity.

Rocket Lance feels very different from her primary weapon. It is not that quick and easy comboable. This could be considered an advantage if you like bringing different styles into your play.

Red Raptor

Battle Boots + Magic Orb

Perhaps “in-your-face” is a pretty good description of Red Raptor’s Orb Signatures. They are awesome and make the character rather unique, but they are also quite straightforward.

Battle Boots Signatures are simpler. Side Sig is a mighty kick, and Down Sig is a decent anti-air option. Neutral Sig has a horizontal movement, and this requires special attention to timing and positioning.

Magic Orb’s lights give a layer of complexity to a Battle Boots Legend. And those Orb Sigs may be pretty dangerous, if the player knows how to properly land such “direct” attacks.

Red Raptor’s stats are quite balanced, with somewhat lacking defense. You can solve that for the cost of Speed. On the opposite side, more Speed instead of Strength also sounds nice.

General Strategy against Battle Boots Legends

A lot of stuff from a fighting game experience is rather hard to put in words — and especially tricks from ever-changing situations of Brawlhalla matches. It is much better to develop your personal experience and have this subtle knowledge, on the level of instinct and muscle memory. Just don’t give up if Battle Boots players destroy you. Dedicated training will help you crack this obstacle.

Still, a general strategy for dealing with Brawlhalla Battle Boots Legends can be briefly described. As we have an article about Signatures here, let’s focus on them.

  • Tezca is super dangerous at close range. Keep this in mind always, and avoid every insecure approach — especially when he is on Gauntlets. It’s easier said than done, but try to remember that Tezca can bring his Sigs any moment, and he will most likely win the clash.
  • Thea uses her speed on the mid-range the best. You think you are safe, and then her almost-teleportation trick happens, and your character gets a lot of damage. But Thea is not as annoying with her Sigs as the other two. Don’t stay too close to her without any action. Try to punish her Sig attempts — you will need some movement skills for this. 
  • Red Raptor players of the beginning and mid-level often overused those bike, fist, and foot Sigs. The range is huge; the damage is painful. But they are just too straightforward, and you don’t really need any special strategy. Just know they exist and understand what they do. Try to be more inventive with your movement and approaches; be opposite to straightforward. 

Playing Battle Boots Legends may be kind of more dangerous than playing against them. If you abuse Signatures and Lights power, your opponent eventually gets a chance to learn this lesson and grow stronger. But this may give you a deceiving feeling of being a skilled player without learning proper Brawlhalla mechanics. Believe me, you don’t want to fall into this trap.

Brawlhalla Battle Boots Legends are strong and fun to play. Don’t rely too much on their mighty but too straightforward features. Play other characters to bring diversity into your skills. Someone considers Tezca, Thea, and Red Raptor annoying? Let them eat this opinion while you enjoy one more well-deserved victory!

And come back to DashFight for more info on Brawlhalla and fighting games in general.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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