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Brawlhalla Autumn Championship in North America

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Brawlhalla Autumn Championship in North America
Return of the… Lord

For quite a while, Sandstorm was rather out of Brawlhalla, — he even did an official statement about this back then. During this period, we saw the rise of a new World Champion, Impala, and the dominance of other competitors, such as luna. But at this point, it’s safe to say — Lord Sandstorm is fully back

He won the Summer Championship and was the best NA player at the Brawlhalla Summer Royale. His recent achievements at the community tournaments include victories at League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash and nSig Brawls 1 / 2.

Could anyone argue with this refreshed power? Let’s check out the matches and results of the Autumn Championship 2023.

Brawlhalla Autumn Championship NA | Stream, Top 8

luna is one of the strongest Brawlhalla players in the world, there is no need to introduce him — but let’s just mention that the guy is one of three Kings in 2023, the Winter Royale winner. In the Semi-Final, he faced megD and won 3:1.

The Semi for Sandstorm wasn’t as simple as we could expect. java turned out to be a very tough opponent — with his Hattori, the player reached the match point, but then Sandstorm won two games in a row.

The Winners Final of luna vs Sandstorm brought some surprises. Sandstorm benched his main character recently, Mirage, and took Tezca, a Legend he played a lot right after the introduction of Battle Boots. And then, the result was somewhat unexpected. 3:0 against luna? Well this was quite a statement!

Luna had to play vs megD once again to proceed to the Grand Final through the Elimination brackets, and he did this, with an even more pronounced confidence.

Brawlhalla Autumn Championship NA | Stream, Grand Final

The final match of this tournament surprised us once again — with the character choice by luna, this time. He took Volkov to oppose Tezca, and this worked well… in game one. But then Sandstorm won three games to celebrate the Grand Final victory.

Sandstorm is the Brawlhalla Autumn Champion in North America. Congratulations!

Will this momentum be enough to get wins over players from other regions? Let’s wait for the Autumn Royale (and BCX 2023) to find out!

Brawlhalla Autumn Championship NA | Results

1. Sandstorm Mirage, Tezca
2. luna Teros, Caspian, Mordex, Volkov
3. megD Val
4. java Hattori
5. Experience Mordex
5. BalloonBoy Zariel
7. Zen Kaya
7. animefan1266 Onyx

These fights in North America are final for the Brawlhalla Autumn Championship. Please, take a look at our posts about the matches in

The next stop in the official Brawlhalla esports schedule in 2023 is Autumn Royale Invitational. Sandstorm,.luna, and megD will join the party on October 27-28.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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