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League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash: Lost in the Sand

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League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash: Lost in the Sand
Pic Source: nSig
Practice a new character for many victories in the future or stick to a familiar Legend to win here and now?

In a way, Brawlhalla community tournaments are even more interesting than the official Championships — they may apply a bit less pressure, so the players are more open to risky experiments. Of course, the toughness of fights increases substantially closer to the finals, and only the best of the best remain in the game.

League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash was a totally worthy experience, competitively and as a fighting esports show. Thanks to the extra sponsorship, the strongest competitors in the North American region signed up for the fights, and the tournament reached 600+ participants.

However great and motivating the initial part may be, let’s focus on Top 8 for this short recap.

League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash | Top 8

The Winners side of Top 8 was absolutely filled with mighty players. Sandstorm enjoyed a confident victory over megD. luna defeated Impala.

Throughout this tournament, Sandstorm played Mirage — as he did at a few recent events, such as Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023 (is this because of her sandy Sigs?).

At the same time, luna experimented with other Legends, keeping Lucien a bit aside (even if he won the Spring Championship with this character). At the Summer Championship, luna played Mordex (Tai Lung crossover) in some of the matches. This time, he took Teros and Caspian (Diamondhead crossover).

The Winners Final between these legendary players was super close. Only in the last game, Sandstorm won and sent luna to the Losers.

Meanwhile, megD won in the Elimination Semi vs Impala. But then, he lost to luna.

In the Grand Final, luna tried to return to Lucien, but it did not really help. 

Sandstorm is the Winner of League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash. Congratulations!

Characters at League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash

7. Jeff

7. java

5. Pier

5. Snowy

4. Impala

3. megD

2. luna

1. Sandstorm

2v2 League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash | Stream, Top 8

luna had better success in the Doubles section of this tournament. With teammate, Snowy, they defeated Phazon / Cody Travis in the Semi-Final. 

The Winners Final was against java / fakey — and it was a tough match. In the Grand Final, luna / Snowy had a better pace and got a clear victory.

luna / Snowy are the winners of 2v2 League Trolli Brawlhalla Bash. Congratulations!

This event is part of the officially sponsored Brawlhalla community tournaments in August 2023. In fact, the whole month is packed with such fights — in all the traditional regions.

On September 1-2, we will surely follow the matches of Brawlhalla Summer Royale.

The last open Seasonal of the year is Autumn Championship 2023, planned for September 22-24 (Singles) and September 29 - October 01 (Doubles).

Stay tuned to DashFight for everything Brawlhalla esports.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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