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Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023: North America

4 min

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Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023: North America
Mirage took them all...

North America is a region of super strong players — on a global scale. Many-time world champions, winners of Royales and DreamHacks, and just famous personalities. Watching matches here is always interesting, and you can never really predict the outcome; the competition is total madness.

After all the other regions, Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023 made the final stop in North America. Who got tickets to the Royale Invitational this time?

NA Brawlhalla Summer Championship | Stream, Top 8

The very first match of the Top 8 part was just mind-blowing — Sandstorm vs Impala. Both had awesome moments, like a super quick stock win by Impala or offstage pressure by Sandstorm. In the end, the score was 3:1, and Sandstorm proceeded to the Winners Final. (was it a kind of revenge for DreamHack San Diego?)

In the parallel Semi-Final, java literally destroyed STING RAY. It felt like Hattori was too quick for Xull.

But in the Winners Final, java did not have this advantage. Mirage of Sandstorm is quick enough. And again, the offstage game was somewhat better for Sandstorm. He won and proceeded to the Grand Final.

The Elimination Quarter Final became a fall of the Champions. luna, the winner of Winter Royale and Spring Championship) fell victim to STING RAY — quite surprisingly, there was no luna’s Lucien in this match, as he switched to Tai Lung (Mordex). Impala, the current World Champion and the winner of DramHack San Diego, was stopped by a different Mordex. Experience was better with this Legend and left Kaya small chances.

In general, we saw a new power of Experience at this tournament. He is mainly known for success in Doubles (like the Spring 2v2 Championship win with Maid). But this time, Experience showed amazing Singles skills. In the Elimination Semi-Final, he defeated STING RAY. And then, he had a clear victory over java to proceed to the Grand Final through the lower side.

NA Brawlhalla Summer Championship | Stream, Grand Final

The Grand Final was really close. Sandstorm and Experience exchanged games and brought the fight to the decisive stock — but with a red health disadvantage for Experience. The opponent did not miss this chance.

Sandstorm is the Brawlhalla Summer Champion 2023 in North America. Congratulations!

Three top players automatically got their invitation for the Summer Royale, which happens on September 1-2.

NA Brawlhalla Characters at Summer Championship

7. Anonymous Alex

7. Raydish

5. luna

5. Impala

3. java


2. Experience

1. Sandstorm

Top Moments

Juggling and a quick stock by Impala.

Offstage pressure by Sandstorm.

Sandstorm KOs Impala.

It certainly feels like Hattori is too quick for Xull.

How much health does this Mordex have?

STING RAY’s great reaction.

“You want me off this platform? What about you falling here?”

Through the Elimination brackets to the Grand Final.

It did not work for Experience.

Who’s a better Scythe Legend?

Sandstorm is the Champion!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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