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Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2023: Doubles

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Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2023: Doubles
Another dimension of pro skills in platform fighting matches

2v2 matches are an important part of the platform fighting sub-genre. They require a slightly different approach from the participants, and they bring a specially joyful party atmosphere.

Sure, Brawlhalla esports is much more about tough competition. But the Doubles matches at official Championships might seriously inspire you and teach you some really cool tricks — to destroy opponents in friendly fights.

2v2 matches of the Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2023 happened last weekend. The tournaments traditionally took place in five regions, and we add info about all of them to this post on DashFight.

Let’s check out videos of the Grand Finals and general results.

Australia | Stream, Grand Final

Asmodie, the Spring Champion in Australia, with the teammate Beware of Chair fell into the Elimination Brackets after the Semi-Final match against Hypka and Vay. They had to defeat three other opponents to proceed to the Grand Final.

For the team Hypka / Vay, the path was slightly simpler. They faced Moxyz and Rosco in the Winners Final and got a confident victory.

The Grand Final was super close. Hypka / Vay quickly got a 2-game advantage. But then Beware of Chair / Asmodie won two games in a row and almost reset the bracket. Still, in the decisive game, the opponents managed to take the very last stock from Asmodie and then used this 2v1 situation to win the match and the tournament.

Hypka and Vay are 2v2 Brawlhalla Spring Champions in Australia. Congratulations!

It’s the second such title for Hypka / Vay in 2023 — they also won the Brawlhalla Winter Championship Doubles in Australia.

Southeast Asia | Stream, Grand Final

Sire and Vortex had three very close victories in the Top 8 part — and each time, the fights were against different opponents. First, they played vs Axcent and Reaper in the Semi-Final. Then, they defeated jerryK / thotot in the Final.

The Grand Final was Sire / Vortex vs KeithThePooPoo / Tiger. The teams exchanged games and reached a 1v1 decisive situation — Vortex vs KeithThePooPoo, when both were on the final stock. A health advantage turned out to be a crucial factor, and Vortex won this duel.

Sire and Vortex are 2v2 Brawlhalla Spring Champions in Southeast Asia. Congratulations!

The players were 2nd at the Brawlhalla Winter Championship Doubles in Australia.

Europe | Stream, Grand Final

If you like close 2v2 matches in Brawlhalla, treat yourself to the whole Top 8 stream. Both Semi-Finals were of five games Fozey / Godly defeated Delta / TM.; and acno? / Blaze got victory over hysen / simpLe

In the Winners Final Fozey / Godly sent acno? / Blaze to the Elimination brackets. But after defeating Delta / TM., acno? and Blaze proceeded to the Grand Final too.

This fight was absolutely amazing. It was back-and-forth, with both teams demonstrating amazing mastery and having good chances for victory. acno? and Blaze won the first match and reset the bracket. But then, Fozey / Godly found their perfect pace and celebrated victory in the entire tournament.

Fozey / Godly are 2v2 Brawlhalla Spring Champions in Europe. Congratulations!

For Godly, it’s the second title in the Spring Championship 2023. And the team Fozey / Godly won the Winter 2v2 Championship too.

South America | Stream, Grand Final

lores / Kyna got a confident victory against Lily / juniror in the Semi-Final, while yüz / Power had a very tough match against Wess / Fiend — but they still made it to the Winners Final.

The fight between yüz / Power and lores / Kyna was back and forth. Only in the final game, yüz / Power proceeded to the Grand Final. Meanwhile, Wess and Fiend had to defeat three teams to do the same.

In the Grand Final, yüz / Power were a little bit stronger — and this “little bit” was enough to win the tournament.

yüz and Power are 2v2 Brawlhalla Spring Champions in South America. Congratulations!

yüz is also a 1v1 Spring 2023 Champion.

North America | Stream, Grand Final

Maid / Experience quite confidently defeated anime / wubz in the Semi-Finals and CXTI / dawg in the Final.

Meanwhile, luna / Snowy fell into the Elimination brackets after their fight vs CXTI / dawg. Two matches later, luna and Snowy faced the same opponents, and this time, the fight was much closer. luna / Snowy won and proceeded to the Grand Final.

The match against luna (the Spring Champion in NA) and Snowy wasn’t easy for Maid / Experience. But they got a substantial stock advantage in the last game and thus won the tournament.

Maid and Experience are 2v2 Brawlhalla Spring Champions in North America. Congratulations!

With these 2v2 tournaments, the whole Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2023 is over. But sure, another big event is right around the corner — Dreamhack San Diego happens on April 7-9, and Brawlhalla is the biggest title there. Stay tuned to DashFight on Twitter for live coverage. And then return to our platform for a full recap.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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