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Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023: Australia and Southeast Asia

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Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023: Australia and Southeast Asia
The tournaments were spectacular!

Brawlhalla Summer Champion started traditionally, with matches in the AUS and SEA regions (yep, this time-zone thing does matter). Both of them are kind of separated from the global competition — these players are not invited to Royales, and travels to DreamHacks have obvious difficulties. That’s why we at DashFight are always especially interested in watching matches from Australia and Southeast Asia. What’s happening on the scenes? Is anyone able to defeat the current leaders?

With the Australian Championship, our expectations weren’t properly fulfilled. Yep, we witnessed another wonderful run by Asmodie and a great performance by Kyler Alice. But it was weird no to see some really strong players, such as Doggo, Vay, Cheeseface, and Elsom

The weird thing is that some of them did register for sure but then disappeared from the participants. From the viewers’ point, it’s … underwhelming. Hopefully, the full regional competition will be restored in Autumn (and strong players will have equal chances to be present at BCX)

Anyways, both tournaments were still super interesting, so let’s enjoy the stream (or at least clips of the best moments) and check out the results (with some details, like the characters in use).

Australia | Brawlhalla Summer Championship

A super exciting match happened right at the beginning of the Top 8 part — Kyler Alice vs Asmodie. Alas, we could not watch it on stream (maybe it was as wonderful as at BAM 2023). We know only a bare result — Asmodie won 3:1.

In the Parallel bracket, Rosco defeated Rygunduz. This was pretty unexpected, as Rosco did not have many tournament placements (only one, according to the official stats, and it could be Top 32). At the same time, Rygunduz proved their power at the Spring Championship, finishing in Top 4.

After falling into the Elimination side, Kyler Alice lost a very close Semi-Final — with an amazing comeback by Rygunduz from a 0:2 situation (that spear pressure was frightening).

In the Winners Final, Asmodie confidently defeated Rosco. She played Vector at this tournament and literally destroyed the opponent with that Rocket Lance.

The Elimination Final was very close, and this time, it was Rosco who recovered from a 0:2.

Rosco faced Asmodie in the last match of this Championship, and considering the opponent’s level, the player demonstrated impressive strength. Rosco even won one game. But yeah, no one can be compared to Asmodie at the moment in Australia. She left no real chance to Rosco and claimed victory.

Asmodie is the Brawlhalla Summer Champion 2023 in Australia. Congratulations!

Recently, we had a chance to ask Asmodie a few questions — check out our exclusive interview.

AUS | Brawlhalla Characters at Summer Championship

7. Dummy

5. Smash

5. Moxyz

4. Kylar Alice

3. Rygunduz

2. Rosco

1. Asmodie

AUS | Top Moments

Asmodie dominates in the Winners Final.

Rosco lands a spear combo.

Asmodie to the Grand Final.

Kylar Alice KOs Moxyz with bare hands.

A combo with a weapon toss by Kylar Alice.

A clutch for Rosco — he recovers from 0:2 and proceeds to the Grand Final through Losers.

Asmodie punishes Rosco to get advantage in the Grand Final.

Brawlhalla Characters at Summer Championship in SEA

This tournament treated us to some really close matches. 

In the Semi-Final, himwy defeated Le Plum_ 3:2. Sire had a much more confident victory over Sphynx

In the Winners Final, Sire won game 1, but then himwy adapted well to Bodvar (while playing Teros, Roman Reigns). After three victorious games in a row, himwy got a Grand Final spot.

The Elimination Semi was back-and-forth. The winner was determined only in the last game, on the last stock — KeithThePooPoo had a health disadvantage but managed to deliver significant damage and win.

In the Elimination Final, Sire had difficulties playing Bodvar, but after switching to Hattori, the player changed the situation drastically. No, KeithThePooPoo wasn’t an easy victim — it was again a 5-game match. But eventually, Sire got a chance to face himwy again.

The Grand Final gave us one more example of esports toughness. Sire tried to play Bodvar but then switched to Hattori — and lost two games in a row with these characters. Then Sire found a way to crack himwy and brought the fight to the decisive game. Clutch did not happen, though. himwy got a stock advantage and did not let reset the bracket.

himwy is the Brawlhalla Summer Champion 2023 in Southeast Asia. Congratulations!

SEA | Brawlhalla Characters at Summer Championship

7. Serenity

7. Laz

5. Le Plum_

5. Sphynx

4. Bagus

3. KeithThePooPoo

2. Sire

1. himwy

SEA | Top Moments

Himwy to the Grand Final.

A great clutch by KeithThePooPoo.

Hattori delivers a mighty hit and sends Val (who pretends to be Michelangelo) out of the tournament.

Crazy stocks by Sire.

himwy hits back.

himwy is the Champion.

Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023 also happens in other regions — Europe, South America, and North America.

Next week, we will be able to witness 2v2 matches (in Australia and Southeast Asia too).

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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