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KD | Asmodie: “I want to be a strong cross-region competitor”

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KD | Asmodie: “I want to be a strong cross-region competitor”
DashFight Interview with the best Brawlhalla player in Australia

For quite a while, Asmodie absolutely dominates her region’s competitive scene. From community events (such as Bearded Brawls) to the official seasonal Championships (like the most recent Spring one), Kingdom | Asmodie is on top in both 1v1 and 2v2 dimensions (with Beware of Chair).

The recent LAN event Battle Arena Melbourne 2023 became “the last straw” for us. We at DashFight just had to reach out to Asmodie and ask her a few questions.

Yep, here we are — check out our exclusive interview with this extraordinary player.

How does it feel to be the best Brawlhalla player in your region? What is Brawlhalla for you?

It’s a bit surreal at times to be honest, as when I first picked up this game, I didn’t even know tournaments were run or that there was an esports scene at all, and I always looked up to the pros as unbeatable. There are downsides of course, other top 8 players have even decided to try to get me banned because they don’t want to practice enough to beat me, which is a bit disappointing, but I’d like to help the region’s other players grow and improve. For me, at the end of the day, Brawlhalla is still just a game, but it is one I enjoy and play more than any other — the competitive side for me is very fun, because there always seem to be more tricks to learn and ways to improve.

What motivates you to compete? What are your esports goals?

The biggest motivator for me to compete in Brawlhalla is honestly just that it’s fun, it’s so easy to wake up early for tournaments and play long sets because I enjoy it so much. As for my esports goals, having shifted from being the best in my region, I want to be a strong cross-region competitor, as that is something that Australia has not had since Kylar Alice was dominant.

Who is your most difficult opponent in general? And if I would ask about the most interesting player to fight against, is this the same person?

My most difficult opponent in 1v1 has been Doggo ever since I became the best in the region. For 2v2, I think I would say Vay, but they’re also a team. The most interesting player for me to fight is Kylar Alice, mostly due to the stark contrast between our playstyles; Kylar uses a very fundamental playstyle and mains the oldest legend in the game, while I use a more recently developed playstyle and play a lot of newer characters, so I find it interesting to see the ways we differ.

Your active pool of Legends is pretty impressive. How do you choose who to play at a tournament or to practice with?

I always like to give the newest character a good amount of practice, to see what kind of unique situations they can bring and how good they’ll be once people learn them. As for my main picks, I play Vector, Artemis and Munin, with my weapons being bow, scythe and lance. Whenever I pick a character outside of those three, it’s because I think they’re cool and fun, or want to challenge myself to win a tournament on a character I don’t practice as much.

Who is your generally favourite character in the game? What Legend would you recommend to a beginner?

My favourite character is Artemis, despite me being a bow main, because I love her sigs, stats and even her appearance and skin setups. The character that I played first was Diana, and I do think she’s a very good pick for beginners, as she has some easy to learn combos that can be advanced to lead into sigs.

What is your practice routine? How do you prepare for 2v2 tournaments?

I don’t really have a routine when it comes to Brawlhalla, and just play it for fun whenever I feel like it. When I do play, however, I try to pick up on certain things throughout the game, like what my opponent is doing right or what I’m doing wrong, and how to change my playstyle to better counter my opponent’s. 2v2 is by far my worse gamemode, so to prepare, I sometimes watch players who win 2v2 tournaments and see what they go for and their character selections.

Do you enjoy how the game is developing and evolving? Do you like Battle Boots and the new Legends?

The one complaint I would have about the direction of Brawlhalla is that BMG are focussing more on cosmetics and the shop than releasing new legends. That’s it though, as every new legend and weapon BMG has released has been extremely fun to both play and play against. I once made a chart based on my like and dislike for legends in Brawlhalla, and the most disliked were almost always older characters, such as Hattori and Asuri, while the liked ones were the new ones. I think Battle Boots is a very fun weapon, however it can be polarizing in some matchups, but generally is fairly balanced.

How do you see the future of Brawlhalla? What weapons/Legends would you add? 

Brawlhalla is going in a good direction in my eyes, and as I said the only change I would make would be a focus on the development of new legends. I’d like to see some weapon combinations filled out, especially a bow/cannon legend. Most of Brawlhalla’s weapons are either heavy and slow or light and fast, so if I were to add a new weapon to the game, I would add a spell book with several low damage fast attacks and some high damage slow attacks, just on the light attack kit.

Are you interested in other platform-fighting games? Would you experiment within pro MultiVersus?

To be honest, not really. Brawlhalla is actually an exception for me, as I usually don’t push my skill in the games I play very far, and just play them for fun with my friends. MultiVersus is a cool concept, but trying to improve at a new fighting game while keeping up with life and Brawlhalla would be exhausting.

Who are you as a content creator? What could we expect from your videos/streams?

I am Asmodie Azalea, a demon vtuber on Twitch! Though my streaming has been interrupted for several months due to a malfunctioning GPU, which should be fixed soon. I plan to stream a variety of games, including Brawlhalla and several other online multiplayer games, as well as single player games. I like to talk to my audience and ask what they want to see as well, it gives me good recommendations for fun things to do and stream. If you’d like to be a part of my streams, you can check me out on:

<3 - Asmodie

It will be great to follow Asmodie’s competitive journey — sure, not only in Australia. And let’s not miss her video content!

The 2023 esports calendar still has Summer and Autumn Championships. The whole multi-regional community traditionally gathers at BCX, and we can’t wait to witness these fights. Stay tuned to DashFight for everything Brawlhalla related.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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