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Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023: Europe and South America

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Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023: Europe and South America
Two Champions prove their power

Around three weeks ago, Europe hosted an official open Brawlhalla tournament at DreamHack Valencia — naturally, many prominent players from this region joined this party. And yeah, we sure could see EU competitors reaching the top. Now, the community gathers online, but for a full European Championship.

South American Brawlhalla players have been getting a much more significant presence on the international esports scene recently. yüz won Spring Royale, and we’ve seen him, Kyna, and lores performing well at DreamHack Dallas and San Diego. These successes certainly boost general interest in the internal SA competition.

Let’s watch the streams from Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2023 in EU and SA, and check out the results, a list of characters, and some top moments. 

Brawlhalla Summer Championship: Europe

We all knew who the most-likely winner was. Godly is the Spring Champion, and the best player at DreamHack Valencia. The community certainly had high expectations of him — and we weren’t wrong.

Like in Valencia, Godly played Wu Shang the whole tournament (but no Aang this time, only Chun-Li). He defeated xJcoolJ in the Winners Final and then had the same clear victory vs Sgrape in the Winners Final.

Matches in the Elimination brackets were much tougher. Only in game 5, Neeze won his fight against Macheeeete (quite a revenge for the Winter Championship). acno? had similar difficulties in his match vs KiXe. Both acno? and Neeze changed Brawlhalla Legends quite often throughout the tournament.

In the Elimination Semi-Final, acno? faced Pavelski — the match was pretty close, but a bitter mistake did not let Pavelski bring it to game 5.

In the Elimination Final, we could witness the amazing power of Tezca. The wrestler was a true beast, so Sgrape kicked acno? out of the competition.

But then it was Sgrape’s turn to fall victim to someone’s power. Godly was so deft in his movement and did not let the opponent land many of those devastating Tezca’s Sig. But Chun-Li was pretty good at this, and her DSig quite often landed successfully. As a result, it was a clear 3:0 victory for the Street Fighter crossover Legend.

And sure, Godly is the Brawlhalla Summer Champion 2023 in Europe. Congratulations!

EU | Brawlhalla Characters at Summer Championship

7. KiXe

7. Macheeeete

5. xJcoolJ

5. Neeze

4. Pavelski

3. acno?

2. Sgrape

1. Godly

EU | Top Moments

xJcoolJ has a great moment vs Godly, but then the DreamHack Valencia Champion strikes back.

A combo by Sgrape.

acno? overcomes a health disadvantage and wins a very close stock vs xJcoolJ.

“Don’t want to fall? I’ll shoot you to the stars then!”

We’ll fall together here.

Pavelski: from offense to fall.

Who let the beast onto the stage?

“Let me show you how to land a Sig…”

Brawlhalla Summer Championship: South America

The Top 8 part started with a match between two very strong competitors, Kyna (the Winter Champion) and yüz (the Spring Champion). This time, Kyna with that Roman Reigns (Teros) just left yüz’s Jaeyun no chance — we could call it “destruction”.

Power and Wess had a much closer fight in the parallel bracket. First, Wess got a 0:2 advantage. But then Power managed to recover and won the match.

A bit later, these players met again, and the situation was mirrored — this time, it was Wess who recovered from 0:2, and for Power it was the end of the tournament.

But Kyna… This player turned out to be a problem for both, Power and Wess. The first one lost 0:3 in the Winners Final. The second player experienced the same fate in the Grand Final (being even a victim of Obliteration).

Kyna is the Brawlhalla Summer Champion 2023 in South America. Congratulations!

SA | Brawlhalla Characters Summer Championship

7. VecinaA

7. Akuma

5. Fiend

5. lores

4. yüz

3. Power

2. Wess

1. Kyna

SA | Top Moments

Kyna’s domination.

Power recovers from 0:2.

Total destruction by Wess.

Immortal Pearl (Kaya).

Those shovels hit so hard

Red health disadvantage? It’s not a problem for Tezca!

Wess experiments with Red Raptor (not a good experiment, though).

Seems like it was Wess’ turn to clutch from 0:2. Power fell victim to those annoying Boots and Tezca’s Sigs.

Kyna performs Obliteration.

A bit earlier, Brawlhalla Summer Championship made stops in Australia and Southeast Asia — check out our recap of those tournaments. North America was the last one in this series.

Stay tuned to DashFight for everything Brawlhalla esports.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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