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Brawlhalla Autumn Championship 2023: Australia and Southeast Asia

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Brawlhalla Autumn Championship 2023: Australia and Southeast Asia
The best players in the regions

Open seasonal events come to an end with the Brawlhalla Autumn Championship. And however salty it might sound, we can draw an important line for the yearly competition in Australia and Southeast Asia. Sure, BCX 2023 is scheduled for November. But the travel costs from these regions make the presence of the AUS and SEA competitors at the World Championship quite troublesome.

And we totally cannot forget the ban for top players in Australia. Time is needed for the local community to fully recover.

So, this is the last seasonal event. It’s a good point to check out who’s the strongest in the regions in 2023.

(Just enjoying good Brawlhalla matches is also a valid reason to watch the streams.)

Australia | Stream

Rygunduz has proclaimed his ambition to take the AUS throne — in a recent local community tournament. The player continued this trend in the Autumn Championship, winning the Winners Semi-Final against another very strong competitor, Dummy.

In the parallel bracket, HERMAPHRODITISM had a pretty tough match vs Kylar Alice — and won, 3:2. 

In the Winners Final and in the Grand Final, Rygunduz unleashed his full power (and the full power of Hattori) — to get clear victories against HERMAPHRODITISM and Kylar Alice.

Rygunduz is the Brawlhalla Autumn Champion 2023 in Australia. Congratulations!

The recent ban has changed the Brawlhalla AUS scene a lot, so the conclusion of this season is kind of broken. Rygunduz was 4th at the Spring Championship and 3rd at the Summer one.

Australia | Results

1. Rygunduz Hattori
2. Kylar Alice Bodvar, Teros, Jhala, Gnash, Ragnir
4. Dummy Brynn, Asuri, Ragnir
5. Moxyz
5. Goddess Jiro
7. Bidai Tezca
7. Shock

Southeast Asia | Stream

himwy certainly dominates the SEA scene, and the Autumn Championship was a chance to seal his success in 2023. The Top 8 started quite promising, a 3:0 victory against Serenity.

Then, himwy faced a strong opponent, KeithThePooPoo — and lost in a very close match 2:3. After winning the Losers Final, himwy made some really good adjustments to confidently reset the Grand Final and then win the whole tournament.

himwy is the Brawlhalla Autumn Champion 2023 in Southeast Asia. Congratulations!

There is no doubt who the best Brawlhalla SEA player in 2023 is. himwy won all four open Championships, which is quite impressive. KeithThePooPoo and Sire could certainly compete for the runner-up position. The progress of Laz is super powerful — the player reached Top 8 only in the Summer Championship, being 7th, and now Laz is 3rd!

Southeast Asia | Results

1. himwy Teros, Lin Fei
2. KeithThePooPoo Jaeyun, Asuri, Brynn
3. Laz Jhala, Ulgrim
4. Sire Rayman, Mordex
5. jerryK Hattori, Asuri
5. Serenity Jaeyun 
7. wheezey
7. Puzzles

The Brawlhalla Autumn Championship 2023 continues, and the next stops are Europe and South America.

The 2v2 team battles are planned for the next weekend — Doubles in Australia and Southeast Asia are on September 30

Stay tuned to DashFight to be in whirl of Brawlhalla esports!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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