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BCX 2022 Singles: An Exciting Story of Unexpected Success

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BCX 2022 Singles: An Exciting Story of Unexpected Success
Pic Source: Panda | Tisch on Twitter
A well-deserved victory of a player you wouldn’t expect to see in the Grand Final

In the 7th year of Brawlhalla Esports, we pretty much have a formed circle nicely established celebrities, who become favorites at every tournament they participate in. It’s so good to see this rule getting broken when a fresh name appears on the top and destroys their breathtakingly strong opponents. This year, Brawlhalla World Championship blessed the community with this experience. And it’s the second thing that made the event absolutely special.

The first one (it’s bigger, that’s why it’s first) is the chance to see players from all over the world gathering together for an offline competition. We are so used to regional seasonal Championships that mixing fighting talents in one tree of brackets is a dream come true.

In the Doubles dimension of BCX 2022, we witnessed the competition of two regions: North America vs Europe. Did you watch those matches? We have a nice recap on DashFight: with the Top 4 stream, characters in the teams, and clips of some top moments. 

And we are ready to pay the same level of attention to the Singles tournament! It has so many great fights and the already-mentioned underdog story. So, let’s go!

Brawlhalla World Championship 2022 Singles | Top 8, Stream

The 1v1 Championship also finished with a NA vs EU Grand Final, but the participants were not those you could expect before BCX 2022.

Impala is a strong player with 10th position in the 1v1 Power Rankings. He reached the Elimination Quarter-Final of the Summer Championship and only Elimination Round 1 of the Autumn one

This time, Impala entered the Top 8 part through the Winners brackets. His first opponent was luna, currently the best Brawlhalla player in North America (#1 in Power Rankings). luna won the Autumn Championship, and he was second at Spring and Winter ones.

The first game of the Semi-Final was pretty good for luna. Even having one stock less, he managed to defeat Impala. But then, his opponent did not give away his advantages that easily. Impala won three games in a row and proceeded to the Winners Final.

His next opponent was Godly, the best player in Europe (yep, #1 in Power Rankings of this region). This time, it was Impala who played in god mode. 3:0, and Godly fell into the Elimination brackets.

The best players of North America and Europe faced each other in the Elimination Final. Godly and luna had a very tough fight. In the very last game, Godly managed to be a little bit better. He won to face Impala again.


The Grand Final proved once again that Power Rankings are good and everything, but if you are dedicated enough and believe in yourself, you have all chances to become a World Champion. Impala demonstrated an amazing Brawlhalla style and defeated Godly once again. The opponent had to jump between characters, but won only one game.

Impala is Brawlhalla World Champion in 2022. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Characters at BCX 2022 Singles









Top Moments

Stock and health advantage doesn’t save Impala in game 1 of his Semi-Final against luna. Still, it’s the only game Impala loses in this match.

Impala doesn’t fall, and he catches a lucky wave — to not lose it throughout the whole Semi-Final.

The last stock doesn’t look good for Impala — at first. But then, he defeats luna and proceeds to the Winners Final.

Pretty confidently, Impala wins game 1 against Godly.

3:0, and Impala is in the Grand Final.

luna survives a tough match against STING RAY.

Game 1 of the Elimination Final. luna wins, but …

Godly is a little bit better.

With two stocks for his Kaya, Impala gets 2:0 in the Grand Final against Godly.

A quick stock advantage for Godly. The only game the EU player wins.

The final stock and the final KO of the Brawlhalla World Championship 2022.

What a Championship this one was! And we are already looking forward to the fun and excitement of Brawlhalla Esports Year 8! Hopefully, the official announcement will be published soon.

Meanwhile, the game continues to grow and improve. In December, we get a new weapon, Battle Boots. And on November 16, Epic Crossovers from Avatar: The Last Airbender join the Brawlhalla collection of Legends Skin.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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