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Originally Dacia Illuvia, she now bears the title of Arcadia, 92nd in the line of the noble Arcadian monarch. With the newly granted powers and responsibilities, she rallies Faefolk to victory.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 4

  • Dexterity: 7

  • Speed: 4

  • Strength: 7




Growing up in a poor family of beetle farmers, the shy faerie girl's only dream was to one day have a beetle of her own. Her simple and steady life was suddenly interrupted when Orma, the singing sword, elected her to become the new ruler of Arcadia. Opposing the decision of the magical sword, Dacia fled to the Fangwild forest instead. For years she would would travel throughout the Fangwild, coming across the best and the worst it has to offer.

This all changed when Dusk, an elven sorcerer, unleashed dark chaos at the heart of the forest. Dacia was reminded of the sword and accepted her destiny, rallying together the faefolk of the Fangwild. Gnomes, sylphs, leprechauns, trolls, all were standing behind her. Going above and beyond, she also travelled to the spirit realm, freeing ghouls and banshees from tyrannical demon Balor.

Following the Arcadian tradition, all of its rulers bear the name of the realm, thus Dacia Illuvia became the Glorious Arcadia the 92nd. Now a queen, she wore a sturdy armor of carapice, rode on a massive war beetle named Domo, and wielded the magic sword Orma into battle. Once a modest daughter of beetle farmers, she now led an army to fight against Dusk, and sent the latter to Valhalla after three days of hard-fought battles.

She would later come to Valhalla herself, returning to her passion of looking after beetles and offering advice to Ulgrim and Scarlet. When she's not taking care of beetles, Arcadia fights in ground tournaments, surprising even herself with her skill and enthusiasm for fighting.


Arcadia sports a Greatsword and Spear as her weapons of choice. 

The Greatsword neutral signature is an anti-air with a solid hitbox and great speed. Charging it up will allow her to leap into the air and hit much further up but this version of the move will not hit grounded opponents. Side signature is much slower, but also more dangerous. It's a wide horizontal swing with a massive hitbox and if charged, launches a slow and large projectile. Lastly, the GS down signature is a trap with that Arcadia can lay on the ground with a generous amount of active frames. If the opponents walk into this trap, they will be stunned and lifted up, allowing Arcadia to sneak in some guaranteed hits.

The neutral signature on the Spear is somewhat similar to GS. It's a a strong move that goes up diagonally and hits grounded opponents as well. Side signature is one of more unique moves that Arcadia has. For her side signature, Arcadia mounts Domo, her pet beetle, charges left or right, and if you happen to hit someone, Domo will fling them up for a follow-up hit. The down signature is basically identical to Greatsword, however, when she uses a Spear, Arcadia jumps into the air before placing a trap. 

Key Information:

Primary Weapon: Spear

Secondary Weapon: Greatsword

Cost in the Store: 7,200

Bot Name: Arcad.exe

Brawlhalla Introduction: March 16, 2022

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