Rogue Queen — a New Skin for a New Brawlhalla Legend

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Rogue Queen — a New Skin for a New Brawlhalla Legend
Arcadia joined the game a week ago, and now she has this new customization option.

Character skins in Brawlhalla give us, players, so many opportunities to express our mood or even personality. Now, we have one additional opportunity for Arcadia.

Rogue Queen is an image of Arcadia during her explorations of the Fangwild forest. Before accepting the role of Queen, Dacia Illuvia (it’s the full name of Arcadia) decided to get to know the world she is going to rule and its inhabitants.

The skin of Rogue Queen might be a good thing to spend your 140 Mammoth Coins on. For sure, do that only if you enjoy your time with Arcadia — it’s a good idea to collect cosmetic items for those Brawlhalla Legends you actually use. 

Arcadia is a new participant in these platformer fights. We expect to have many more great skins, as this is part of the game’s business model. So far, you can have three in addition to her default look.

It would be super interesting to see Arcadia at one of the esports events. Who knows, she might get her chance during the upcoming offline invitational.