Arcadia Joins the Fun in Brawlhalla

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Arcadia Joins the Fun in Brawlhalla
Pic Source: Brawlhalla on YouTube
She’s the newest Legend in the game roster. And you know what, the Faerie Queen is dope!

It’s been a while since Brawlhalla teased this new character. And now, almost out of the blue, the game gets this awesome girl and her cute beetle.

Arcadia is the newest Brawlhalla Legend. Let’s enjoy her trailer!

Arcadia in Brawlhalla | Trailer

Her weapons are Spear and Greatsword. Here is her page in the game:

This character comes with some new game features and improvements. You can check them out in the official patch notes (or just dive into the fights and enjoy the action).

It would be pretty interesting to tune to the Grand Exhibition stream to see what fighting esports professionals can do with Arcadia at this early stage.

Brawlhalla is a living universe, and it’s great to be into this excitement or join it for the first time! New Legends make only part of the experience — don’t forget about many esports tournaments planned for 2022. For example, the next big event happens this weekend, on March 18-20.

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