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Zafina, the Egyptian tasked with eliminating the great evils of the world by her tribe, a normal astrology spiritualist for most, hides a formidable and powerful fighting form beneath.Know more

Character abilities


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


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Born in the middle east as part of an ancient cult of spiritual warriors, Zafina developed as a proficient warrior. She hid among the masses by practicing astrology. As part of her duties, she joined the King of Iron Fist tournament to find and kill Jin and Kazuya Mishima. The two being the so-called Devastated stars in her culture.

She did not defeat them and thus allowed the resurrection of Azazel, but Lars Alexandersson and Jun Kazama defeated Kazuya, the spirit form of Azazel left his body. Zafina successfully found the spirit and captured it within herself, at a high cost to herself.

First Appearance: Tekken 6, November 2007

Rivals List

  • Azazel

Allies & Family

  • Raven
  • Wang Jinrei