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Weekly Mod Highlights V.18 (SF6, BH, T7, SG)

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Weekly Mod Highlights V.18 (SF6, BH, T7, SG)
The most interesting mods for the most popular fighting games

We at DashFight love the creative energy of the fighting games community and sincerely enjoy many mods created within our favorite genre.

In this regular series, we highlight some of the many awesome mods. Here is Volume 18.

Street Fighter 6 Mods

Psylocke Cammy (X-MEN)

Would you like to play an X-Men character in Street Fighter 6? This mod turns Cammy into a half-mutant, half-otherworlder Psylocke. The re-color is based on the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Pixel Art Portraits

However cool the modern visuals of SF6 are, it might be cool to bring the classic atmosphere to the game. What about replacing character icons with these pixel art portraits? New icons will appear in different parts of the game menu.

Brawlhalla Mods

Team Fortress 2 X Brawlhalla Crossover

It’s a pretty unusual crossover — the mod brings TF2 aesthetics into Brawlhalla. The fighting Legends will look like classes from Team Fortress 2. And the Brawlhalla weapons will be replaced with some variants from the shooting game.

One Piece: Luffy and Zoro

The popularity of the One Piece live-action series on Netflix brought a lot of attention to this anime and its heroes. Last week, in our Mod Highlights Volume 17, we highlighted a GGST One Piece Mode. Now, it’s Brawlhalla’s turn.

This mod adds Luffy and Zoro to the roster — as Legend skins. They replace Jake crossover for Kor and one of Jiro skins, Jiro the Specialist or Oendan Jiro. Take a look at Luffy’s Hammer! The iconic hat creates quite an atmosphere.

Tekken 7 Mods

Jack-O lantern head for Alisa

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays with lots of awesome traditions. With this mode, you can bring Halloween to your Tekken 7 experience — and specifically to the appearance of Alisa. Her head will turn into a pumpkin lantern.

MGS1 Classic Solid Snake Mod For Jin

The original game Metal Gear Solid was released back in 1998 for the PS1 — and it was the start of quite an iconic series. In October 2023, we got Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 for the modern consoles, with MGS1 included. This Tekken mod follows the trend and adds Solid Snake to the roster, replacing Jin. Don’t expect to see modern realistic visuals! Snake looks as if he comes directly from the early era of 3D gaming.

Skullgirls Mod

Bleach DS Music

The portable console Nintendo DS had a few pretty good Bleach games, based on the popular anime series. Music from that series may support a special mood in your Skullgirls matches. Install this mod and enjoy the new soundtrack.

We will keep the series going on DashFight, so stay tuned to our platform for new volumes of our Weekly Mod Highlights.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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