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Craig Marduk uses various techniques from the combat of Vale Tudo. This Tekken fighter is big and slow, but when he manages to land his attacks, the victim loses a lot of health. Marduk performs effective grabs - even in the air. The character has a violent nature, and he emotionally expresses it.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Marduk matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Bryan63 %19
Kazuya75 %12
Alisa33 %12
Law82 %11
Geese73 %11
Eddy67 %9
Katarina56 %9
Jack-733 %9
Bob38 %8
Master Raven38 %8

Character abilities

  • Evasiveness: 4

  • Combo Damage: 9

  • Mobility: 5

  • Wall Carry: 6

  • Throw Game: 10

More about Marduk:



Long ago, Craig Marduk was a glorious champion of Vale Tudo. As a fighter, he was very dangerous for opponents - mostly because of his explosive temper and colossal ego. Considering himself better than everyone else, Marduk started ignoring standard fighting rules and was expelled from his league. The guy couldn’t accept this decision and fell into the abyss of anger. Such emotions lead to even more troubles, and once Craig found himself involved in a bar fight. He accidentally killed his opponent, Armor King, and got into jail. Also, this awful crime became the start of their relationship with King II - as enemies, at first.

Marduk spent only two years out of ten in prison but then was released thanks to the help of a mysterious supporter. It turned out to be someone’s desire to see this exceptional fighter at the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament. And that was a winning bet! Marduk returned to his comfort zone and got a new opportunity to realize his talent. 

The only opponent he couldn’t defeat was King. For Marduk, this was a motivation to train more and break his own limits. This enmity significantly affected the style of Marduk. During one of the Vale Tudo tournaments, the guy wore a mask of black jaguar, and this was a clear challenge to King.

They meet again at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, and Marduk wins this time. This success fills his mind with madness. He wants to prove his superiority over all the other fighters and spontaneously attacks almost everyone on his way.

Quite soon, King and Craig Marduk become closer. They start a joint mission of searching for one impudent guy who wears the outfit of dead Armor King. It turns out that this new opponent is the brother of Marduk’s victim. He claims to be the new Armor King and seeks revenge. This unusual adventure makes former enemies friends.

Now, Marduk has a new foe - Armor King II. They both are merciless in fights, and both get into hospital after such battles. King has to enter the new King of Iron Fist Tournament to pay their medical bills. Probably, Marduk can’t live without such an adrenaline challenge, and Armor King II is the right partner for this fighting entertainment.


Marduk has a big body and large limbs. He is bald, although some custom outfits give him hair. In all games, he wears gloves, shorts, and kneecaps. He has a large tattoo on both his upper arms. In Tekken 7, he sports a full beard and wears a hoodie jacket with ripped arm sleeves and a white t-shirt underneath.

Fighting Style

Craig fights using Vale Tudo. Vale Tudo is a combat sport with few rules that encompasses a variety of fighting styles, ranging from wrestling to Judo to Sambo to Muay Thai.

Fitting the name Vale Tudo, which literally means anything goes, Marduk does not seem to have a specific fighting style and is more acquainted to that of Brawling, much like Miguel. However, some of his moves are derived from wrestling as he can be seen using moves such as leg locks, throws and takedowns. Marduk’s iconic mount attack, as the name suggests, has him tackle his opponent to the ground and brutally pummel them into submission, similar to techniques seen in mixed martial arts. The way he can tackle the enemy by the legs is also a common technique in Vale Tudo (as it is not forbidden like in most other fighting sports).

Key Information:

Origin: Australia

Age: 28

Fighting style: Vale Tudo

Debut: Tekken 4, August 2001

Availability: DLC character


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