Joey Fury

  • Joseph Bennett
  • Equinox Gaming
  • USA

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Joseph "Joey Fury" Bennett is a competitive Tekken 7 player from the United States who represents Equinox Gaming. He prefers to play Jack-7, Paul Phoenix and Gigas, with the first being his main most of the time.

Joey Fury has won his first Tekken tourney at the age of 12 and since then has achieved great results on the scene. He is a regular participant at NYC TKN PC Netplay Tournament.

He has competed and won 1st place at TWT2018 Online: NA East, 2nd at Bud Light Beer League Tekken East 1, 3rd at Final Round 2019, 9th at Defend The North 2019, 17th at CEO 2019, 25th at DreamHack Atlanta 2019 & EVO 2019, and 49th at EVO Japan 2020.

He also has a YouTube channel and streams frequently on Twitch.