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Kazumi Mishima, the deceased wife of Heihachi Mishima attempted to stop Heihachi's rise to power and the global instability. Alas, her attempt failed, and it would instead help spark the events of the series.Know more


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Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


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Kazumi trained within Jinpachi Mishima's dojo when she was a young girl. She and Heihachi became bitter rivals while training, which then turned into a love for each other. Or so it seemed. From time to time, Kazumi would seem distant or outright hostile towards Heihachi.

One day, while Heihachi was training in his dojo, Kazumi confronted him. She said that he was becoming a threat to the whole world and that she would stop him. As it turns out, Kazumi is part of the Hachijo Clan, a long lineage of assassins with access to the Devil Gene.

After a gruesome fight, which included Kazumi turning into a devil, Heihachi was victorious. Kazumi would plead to him to let go of her, but Heihachi, having been betrayed once before in that same fight, would snap her neck, killing her.

Soon after, Heihachi would kill off Kuzimi's only child with Kazuya, start his war against Jinpachi, and organize the King of Iron Fist Tournament

First Appearance: Tekken 7, March 2015

Rivals List

  • Heihachi Mishima, husband

Allies & Family

  • Heihachi Mishima, husband
  • Kazuya Mishima